This is my paradise
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 12 years ago
This photo was taken just around the corner from an area I have named "God's living room". I gave it such a name because it has remained unaltered by man since it's creation. No buildings, no roads, no electricity, no planes flying overhead, no billboards. It was created by mother nature alone. A beautiful untouched boreal forest on planet earth. It is my special place.  
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fabulon7: That looks like Northern Ontario.
substrate: Northern Minnesota would be part of Canada but we decided they just weren't cool enough. If Iron Rangers became part of Canada both countries intelligence would drop.
FoolProof: HEY! It took me a while, but I get what you said there. Jerk! ;)
LinusMines: If I had a special place, it would be slinking away in shame at the sight of yours.
FoolProof: My special place is in a helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon at sunset.  
Eat dirt, worm! ;)
keep it like a secret
bear: of course you won't be telling us where it is much less posting it on the WEB!
AB: Internet!
FoolProof: Website!!!