Posted by Schauspieler 12 years ago
Schauspieler> hahahaha!  
FuzzyDave> i always know when i strike comedy gold. shaussi laffs.  
shigpit> ahha  
Schauspieler> ha!  
* * * Schauspieler laughs at anything  
shigpit> Schazzy Likes It!™  
FuzzyDave> It's ShazzTastic! ™  
shigpit> SchazzPealing®  
Schauspieler> Shazzalicous  
FuzzyDave> which is better than SchazPeeling, which requires an unguent  
shigpit> who asked YOU?  
Schauspieler> LOL  
FuzzyDave> all that PiSchaz!  
PAgent> unguent is a wonderful word  
PAgent> only slightly less wonderful than ruminant  
PAgent> but better than undulate  
shigpit> The Undulating Unguents.  
PAgent> "Schazzy's® Old-Fashioned Mustard Plaster Unguent!!"