Word Salad on the side.
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 12 years ago
I'm of the belief the Taco Joe of unending world domination should recoil! Else it shall all be in Kamploops. It's true, paper runs when confronted with Sugar monkey. In these circumstances we must catapult, for opinions will design the magnitude of viscostity. I say wither the disk if not for the meat stickers. Come forward to the density oh brothers, chortle floo. Oh Chortle floo.  
This can be yours, just sponge the glass cross. It's easy. But not for the lack of mammals. Rap scallions take heed. Chunky soup runs cold but just remember the Gypsum. Nut salt rings true!!!!
FoolProof: Is that you?
bozino: Chortle Floo is going to be the end of us all