Who flipped the winter switch?
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 12 years ago
Okay so on Wednesday of this week it was 74 degrees. I had the windows to the house open all day. Absolutely glorious. When I went to bed late on Thursday, actually it was about 1am all was well just a little cooler than Wednesday. When I woke up yesterday we were were buried in snow. We went from 74 and sunny to full blown winter. So I drive to work this morning. When I get to St. Paul there isn't even a flake of snow on the ground. When I get to work Ss confirmed he has no snow in his yard either. He was a bit confused about all these people calling and telling him they were delayed due to weather.  
A few Photo's of the snow at my place. (The blurry house in the distance in not my house, It's a neighbor's place about 400-500 yards away. The zoom just makes it seem closer)  
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vinfille: We had some morning flurries, but the only snow we saw after that were the chunks on the highway the 18 wheelers had shed.  
(I'm in the SW suburbs.)
lagbnaft: Sure looks cold. Nice pics but you can keep that white stuff for your ownself. If I want snow I know where I can go and visit it.
Mac: 70 degrees and sunny in the NorthEast today ;-)
nice pics
pdxpogo: sorry you have to live with weather ;-)
FoolProof: It IS November. We're due.
AaronGNP: Thank god for the Urban Heat Island Effect.