To Help
Posted by Kassi42 12 years ago
If posting this site will help an innocent girl get the protection she needs because a few of my more compassionate friends may take action, so be it.  
A mother with strong evidence that their 3 year old daughter is being sexually molested by her father(including a hospital visit with a torn labia while in the custody of her father, video tapes of the child screaming/crying and accusing the father of doing these things, and a failed lie detector test showing that the father is guilty to all of the accusations), went to child protective services and the court to get protection for her daughter and the court system failed to protect the child. Regardless of if the accusation is true or not, it's clear that further investigation of the father needs to be had before a decision can be made about custody. The father is RIGHT NOW allowed UNSUPRIVISED visits with his daughter.  
Desparate, the mother went to Dr Phil, who turned up even more evidence (such as the father's dad has served jail time for molesting an 8 year old boy, etc...). The court is ignoreing Dr Phil's evidence even though he has provided much more resources to the court such as a very rigorous lie detecting test of ALL parties involved, and extensive interviews and footage.  
If you feel at all moved to help this family out, visit the site at the top of the page - it provides phone numbers and other ways of contacting the court system to urge them to reconsider their decision.