Contents of corporate-provided halloween-themed candy bag:
1 "Fun Size" Peanut m&m's  
1 "Fun Size" 'Original Fruit' Skittles  
1 "Fun Size" Whoppers (the original malted milk balls)  
1 0.5 ounce Tootsie Roll  
1 Hershey's Mr. Goodbar (individual size, bronze metallic)  
1 Hershey's Krackel (individual size, red metallic)  
2 SweetTarts Mini (3 Tarts each)  
1 HubbaBubba "Scary Shapes" Gum (black cat shaped)
In the words of Strong Bad
SpearmintFur: "What is 'fun' about eating less candy?"
FoolProof: W.E.R.D.  
I love that quote.