Who's that Person? Round 2.
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 12 years ago
Okay. Since LinusMines Nailed the 1st round so fast, I'm not going to give so many clues so fast. I'll Just start with a photo.  
Rules recap:  
The game will test your internet searching prowess. I am going to pick a person and then each day post a series of clues that will help you search the internet for the identity of the mystery person. I will start out with clues that make it a little difficult. With each Successive day the clues should make it easier.  
Who is this man?  
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cornpone: darrell?
FoolProof: It's my other brother Darrell.
yoyology: http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h5/Horpyspoondigger/nicetry.jpg
FoolProof: Hehe. Nice.