Who's that Person?
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 12 years ago
The other day I was watching a documentary about the life a truly remarkable person. Everyone who witnessed him doing his thing declared he was the most naturally gifted in the field they had ever scene. He was marveled at by fellow professionals who all knew he Possessed a level of skill a cut above their own. He won national accolades and was revered. Yet he is not a household name. At the time of his death it barely made the news.7  
I got to thinking how it's often not always the best and brightest who become the most famous in their field. Well to honor the overshadowed greats I thought I'd start a little game.  
The game will test your internet searching prowess. I am going to pick a person and then each day post a series of clues that will help you search the internet for the identity of the mystery person. I will start out with clues that make it a little difficult. With each Successive day the clues should make it easier.  
The Winner gets....well not much really. If you guess the persons identity you get LF bragging rights.  
To Start things off I'll tell you that the 1st paragraph is about this person.  
Day 1 Clues:  
He is the Younger man on the right in the picture below.  
He was born on September 24, 1920.  
He was inspired to pursue his profession because of a visit by president Calvin Coolidge near his hometown when he was a boy.  
He grew up in Wisconsin.  
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Horpy SpoonDigger: That's awesome. Linesminus is right.
FoolProof: The date gave it away.  
That's a helluva name.
21,400 hits on Google
pdxpogo: Not like he is anonymous. If you watched WWII history shows on cable you may have run across the facts you listed.
LinusMines: Great idea for a game, Horpy...go ahead and find another person for us.
bozino: With a gun like that, I was going to say Dick Cheney
Horpy SpoonDigger: come now. You have to use your deductive reasoning watson! That couldn't possibly be Dick Cheney. The man in that picture is exhibiting proper muzzle control. His muzzle is pointed in a safe direction! Cheney doesn't follow the 5 rules of gun safety.  
Dick Bong's is exhibiting rules 1, 2 and 4 just while walking in the woods.
Horpy SpoonDigger: Linusmines 1, The rest of Linkfilter 0.
PAgent: Oh, the score is a lot more lop-sided than that, if you've been paying attention.
Ed Gain
Smiles: I'll guess Ed Gain
Smiles: hmmm... Dick Cheney grew up in Wisconsin... the same state that brought us Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer.  
Dick must have some creepy strange secret
fabulon7: Dick must have some creepy strange secret