The Left Abandons Free Speech
Posted by Psychomike 12 years ago
Can you imagine what the world would say if before a Michael Moore film was released a President, an entire political party and a left happy to drudge up minutia were allowed to bully the distributors into editing their work?  
Can you imagine the outrage?  
Well it happened. Only it wasn't a Michael Moore film. It was a film about 911.  
And they didn't notice what they had done.
too funny
pdxpogo: Working on a standup routine?
selective interpretations
rover77: when conservatives hollered about the Reagan movie it was called "censorship".When the left,the media,the Democratic command structure and even Mr Bill hisself screamed, it was for: historical accuracy and of course (drum roll please)...FOR THE CHILDREN!
glitch p-udding: it's sad right-wing nutzoid propaganda to spin active citizenry and free speech as censorship.  
it's just an extention of "how dare average citizens quesiton the president?" called "how dare average citizens not swallow whatever the media feeds them?"  
rover77: really?...:  
Senate Dems Threaten Disney's Broadcast License  
Sens. Reid, Durbin, Stabenow, Schumer, and Dorgan sent a letter to Disney today containing the following passages:  
We write with serious concerns about the planned upcoming broadcast of The Path to 9/11 mini-series on September 10 and 11. Countless reports from experts on 9/11 who have viewed the program indicate numerous and serious inaccuracies that will undoubtedly serve to misinform the American people about the tragic events surrounding the terrible attacks of that day. Furthermore, the manner in which this program has been developed, funded, and advertised suggests a partisan bent unbecoming of a major company like Disney and a major and well respected news organization like ABC. We therefore urge you to cancel this broadcast to cease Disney’s plans to use it as a teaching tool in schools across America through Scholastic. Presenting such deeply flawed and factually inaccurate misinformation to the American public and to children would be a gross miscarriage of your corporate and civic responsibility to the law, to your shareholders, and to the nation.  
The Communications Act of 1934 provides your network with a free broadcast license predicated on the fundamental understanding of your principle obligation to act as a trustee of the public airwaves in serving the public interest. Nowhere is this public interest obligation more apparent than in the duty of broadcasters to serve the civic needs of a democracy by promoting an open and accurate discussion of political ideas and events. [...]  
Should Disney allow this programming to proceed as planned, the factual record, millions of viewers, countless schoolchildren, and the reputation of Disney as a corporation worthy of the trust of the American people and the United States Congress will be deeply damaged. We urge you, after full consideration of the facts, to uphold your responsibilities as a respected member of American society and as a beneficiary of the free use of the public airwaves to cancel this factually inaccurate and deeply misguided program. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.  
FoolProof: This has all been a brilliant marketing scheme on the part of the network.  
I'm surprised that more people haven't thought of it as such.