Of Nuclear Options and stuff....
Posted by Psychomike 12 years ago
QUESTION: Do you still think we are in World War 3, and at risk for nuclear war? Things look fairly calm to me.  
ANSWER: Fair enough. I actually think we have been in World War 3 since at least 1992, the argument could be made 1979 when our hostages were taken in Iran. I wouldn't argue against that theory, but just getting Americans to realize this has been going on since the first attack on the World Trade Center is a daunting task.  
Now, for once I won't just point to articles that may hold keys to understanding what we are up against, but my own opinions. For whatever it is worth.  
When Bush opponents look at the Middle East, they see Iraq.  
I on the other hand see Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ethiopia in Somalia, part of Lebanon. All aimed at Iran and Syria.  
We are in alot of places.  
But the American public sees Iraq.  
Because they don't see us in a World War.  
We need the concept of "Theatres of War" to be put in place. There should be a Latin American Theatre. A Middle East Theatre. You get the idea. All should report to one person/ agency head.  
There should be a serious academic study done of the role of British Intel in World War 2. Whatever they were doing that worked, we should emulate.  
Speaking a foreign language should not be enough to get into a military Intel group. In the UK, you can't even get into military Intel until you've been in the military for five years. Anyone who sticks around in the U.S. military that long today should get some serious pay and reward systems to encourage people to stay in.  
The saddest thing about my research into the McCarthy era- was the discovery that we had lost our military history. The CIA had no record of a group within it, The Pond. Even though this group gave the names to Joe McCarthy.  
The CIA had to send people out to find people to explain its own past. What if those people had died?  
My god. My god.  
Part of the reason I have begged that the CIA history department keep releasing files on how and why things happened- is so the information can be quickly discovered. We are constantly having to re-invent the wheel. Every time a war ends and we move as a nation to wanting the peace dividend, we get hurt. And our history of how things were done previously disappear! Sadly because of manpower shortages, I have a sad feeling the history section of CIA has been all but dissolved.  
This must stop. If we are fighting a war that will last for decades- someone must keep track.  
Knowledge really is power.  
Finally, this brings us to civil defense vs. FEMA. It shouldn't in an ideal universe, but we don't live in a ideal universe.  
People need to feel involved. They need to know how to evacuate their city, how to leave their buildings. Do colleges do building evacuations anymore?  
How to do first aid. They should learn defense tactics.  
If we can't get FEMA to go away, why can't we get it at least to allow people to take control of their own neighborhoods.?  
This war is like our attitudes in the late 1930's here. We have tried appeasement with the Camp David Accords and the like, many people don't believe the terrorists mean what they say, our military and Intel is playing catch up.  
We will lose some cities I wrote several years ago, before this is all over. Because the world knows we can now be attacked, we will be.  
Some countries who were once our allies won't be, countries and groups will go back and forth over time.  
Oh yeah. I almost forgot. When Islamists kill hundreds of kids in Russia- it is an attack against us all. When bombs go off in a UK subway, it might as well be here. When Venezuela President Chavez gives oil and funds to Hezbollah, we had better understand what that means.  
As for nuclear war- Israel has three choices that I can see for Iran. Bomb key places and hope you take it out. Have a land invasion. Or one nuke in the atmosphere to take out Iran's electrical system.  
Frankly, I hope I'm wrong. But strategy wise, the nuclear option makes the most sense.