President Bush, The Democrats and Us- The Sitting Ducks
Posted by Psychomike 12 years ago
Political debate around here seems to usually degenerate into "Dems bad/good", " Bush bad/good".  
What if the problems we face are at this moment are beyond the capabilities of both parties?  
Grab a beer or bong and get ready for a view you may have never heard before.  
The Chinese say that the Dragon represents change. Society hates change. We have three responses to it.  
One is to ignore it. When the USS Cole was bombed, our embassy in Africa, and hundreds died there were no parades. There were no fundraisers. There was no monument. No speeches were made at the bombed sites. Clinton ignored the declaration of war against us, save to turn Laden's arrest down four times and to shoot a missile into the middle of the empty desert. When we discovered they were planning attacks for New Years Eve of 2000, it was decided that the best action to take was to claim our computers would all go down - Y2K.  
If more of us had understood computers then, we could have just asked the government to set a computers clock ahead and see what happened. Instead we were urged to get bottled water and canned goods and the like. Luckily, through luck, we caught the terrorists in their van on the way to Seattle. Yet most Americans do not know this occurred. If you ignore the dragon, it will eventually bite you on the ass. That happened on 911.  
One is to fight it. President Bush did not take a year to do an investigation as Clinton did to launch attacks on the training camps in Afghanistan. We also took control of Pakistan's nukes which were secured by Pakistani Intel who remain loyal to Osama bin Laden. Following faulty Intel, we also went into Iraq searching for WMD. Now- many think this was a lie and Bush knew it. I don't think so. Faulty Intel continues to plague all of us. Israel has been met with missiles neither their Intel or our CIA knew Hezbollah had. In fact, we didn't even know the size of the arsenal. To make matters worse Hezbollah's fighters are putting up a fiercer battle mode than any nation we've seen in the Middle East. Our Intel is broken, Israel's Intel missed all this, this is the real problem. When you fight eventually people get tired. And the dragon bites you on the ass again.  
One is to ride the Dragon. To guide it. When the IRA was formed a woman sat by Michael Collins side. She was revealed last month to have been in British Intel. A few months ago it was revealed that the British negotiated with the IRA directly but secretly from the 1970's on. The 1970's were the most violent period of the IRA. This means that the British knew when almost every bombing, assassination and extortion attempt was being done- and allowed some to happen. But they were able to guide the group into a legal party. Yeah it took 70 years but they did. Israel says it doesn't negotiate but it does and has done prisoner swaps in the past.  
When John Kerry ran he promised to send a quarter of a million more troops to Iraq. Rangel, the Democratic whip, put forward a bill to start a draft.  
Why would a quarter of a million more U.S. soldiers stop the Civil War in Iraq? Why would Islamists throw up their arms and say, no more bombings?  
Before we had Homeland Security we had FEMA. Before that we had Civil Defense. Civil Defense was local. People knew folks on the block that had CPR, citizens helped patrol military and nuke installations. People knew how to exit a building. How to deal with floods, fires, electrical outages.  
We saw the result of taking it out of people's hands and the result we saw in New Orleans after Katrina hit.  
Here in Chicago a fire broke out in a government building. To the horror of the people on one floor, the city code mandates elevators be cut off during a fire and all the doors in the stairway were locked. Government workers, years after 911, with no way to exit their building.  
Are you kidding me?  
Yet the Democratic Party has had time in Chicago to ban foie gras, smoking in bars, chase away department stores by telling employers what to pay, everything- but what to do if Chicago is attacked.  
Why can't I get one Democrat in the city to understand that three conspiracies that we have been told of since 911 targeted Chicago? Now they want to make mandatory sections of restaurants that people can take their dogs to. They want to ban cooking oil used by fast food chains. You have got to be kidding me.  
If the Dems can't teach people how to exit the city, their buildings, protect their neighborhoods should police be elsewhere, why should I believe they will do these things nationally?  
To be fair, the Republicans aren't asking for civil defense either. And before you laugh and say "Duck and cover was stupid", it taught kids to get away from flying glass, and out of a building. Nothing wrong with that.  
So our Intel has not re-organized to fight this new war.  
Cities have no idea how they should react to attack, and people are left out of the equation so they "wait for the government to come".  
We have severe problems. And the Democrats are banning liver. And the Republicans are saying there are no problems.  
It is past time to "pick a team".  
Its time to find a new way to deal with the dragon.  
glitch p-udding:
Yet the Democratic Party has had time in Chicago to ban foie gras, smoking in bars, chase away department stores by telling employers what to pay, everything- but what to do if Chicago is attacked."
getting right to the bottom of things as usual pmike.