In which Mikey smites the company IT guy (yeah yeah I stole the format)
So. I come into work today. And for whatever reason, our IT guy has decided to completely destroy my profile on the computer.  
Why, you ask? Noone knows. New, required, flashy software? Not that I can see.  
Re-imaging the machine due to new corporate confguration? No.  
I have lost three year's worth of bookmarks, configurations, and whatever else I have yet to discover missing that I use every day.  
I have not been this angry in a really long time.  
We have all known he was an idiot from the start. His wife is the secretary to the CEO, wonder how he got the job? He barely speaks or understands english. It takes him three months to make a small system configuration change.  
I haven't felt like stabbing someone in the eye with a rusty screwdriver before. I guess this is what it feels like.  
IT guy, I now have it out for you.
What a dumb bass.
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