What song best describes you?
I was just thinking about this, since I was plugging people's names into lyrics in the chatter...  
So.. What song best describes you?
manGina: Wilderness - The O.C. Supertones
thatmikeykid: The Other Me - Joe Jackson
fabulon7: Bootylicious.
thatmikeykid: we had this great thing going and you have to come and make a joke out of it.  
well... tell you what. lemmie see that booty, and i'll make the call.
fabulon7: Yeah -- I didn't say I was joking.
thatmikeykid: neither was I. let's see it.
humandoing: You cant always get what you want. the stones.
madtbone: jukebox hero by foreigner
fabulon7: That ROCKS, tbone.
FuzzyDave: C is for Cookie!
sandwoman13: I think that's mine too.
testicle: Sadly, and probably pathetically, Detox, by Strapping Young Lad.
crataegus: "I Love the Dead."
shigpit: "Angry Young Man" - Billy Joel
cornpone: thrice - send me an angel
Hugh2d2: Dog's Eye View - I Wish I Was Here
vinfille: Either "Under the Milky Way Tonight" by The Church, or "Right here, right now" by Jesus Jones.  
At least, that works for today.
Schauspieler: Longview By Green Day
johnny2000: bad moon rising