Give Me Liberty Or Kill Me
Posted by Psychomike 13 years ago
While some would like to think of themselves as superheroes saving the planet from extinction in 100,000 years, I believe the next level of national debate is getting clear.  
I spoke to one of the heads of THONG, an anti- science group against "frankenfood", a group which has grown from Chicago and become an international protest group. I was told about America being a nation of immigrants, and that Moslems would have a big impact on our society.  
I was told how the laws could be used to protect our environment and control our eating habits.  
About this new world of regulation and religion dominating our state. I wondered if he realized that millions would die for lack of food but the food would be "pure", where tax subsidies for corn are funded by our tax dollars and the corn is then used to make fast food product which is again to be taxed, where the earths health in centuries is more important- than freedom. This is one side of the debate.  
Without freedom, to return to the world before church and state were seperated and man's birth sealed his fate for life. Where women were not allowed to have opinions let alone sex drives, is a fate worse than death. This is the other side of the debate.  
And though the words GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH have no meaning to most anymore, this debate only proves we are a fragile on- going experiment. We are under attack- now. Not in 100,000 years. Now. All that is about to be spent "protecting earth" should be spent on practice evacutions, to rebuild cities which are attacked by nature or terror, to defend ourselves from those that despise our music, films and culture.  
In Europe Moslems have forced nudity from ads, in America some cities have already surrendered their identity by allowing public calls to public prayers. Wait until people find out that will eventually include setting off cannons at 4am on a Saturday morning.  
Save the planet at any cost, versus give me liberty or kill me.  
There is no third path here.  
This July 4th ask yourself. Which side are you on?  
Michael Flores
glitch p-udding: "anti-science"  
"defend ourselves from those that despise our music, films and culture"  
these words are put it mildly.