What's your current project?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
What are you working on now? Painting a room? Recording a CD? Refinishing some piece of furniture? Saving money to buy something expensive?  
I'm currently shielding my guitar. Next I'll be building a boat.
badbunny: I am writing threating letters to celebrities.
badbunny: threatening
badbunny: my spelling sucks.
FoolProof: From BB's letter bag:  
Dear Carrot Top,  
You think yo're funny or somthing? You suck. Prop comidy died in the '80s you godddamned HACK! If I ever see you I'm gonna tuck your head up into your ass, got it?  
You suck,  
FoolProof: Ooh! And another!  
Dear Cameron Diaz,  
I see you got a new steel gate and security cameras. They're nice. Could you do me a faver and trim back the bushes under your window. They're really thorny and overgrown and are scratchy in my nekkid ass.  
Be seeing you,  
Man, bunny, you're a goddamned freak!  
badbunny: Dear Oprah, Your security guard roughed me up now I got a bruised knee. Why do you continue to ignore me? Ive told you what will happen do you really want all those people to get hurt? Please call me. I hope you like the hair and fingernail clippings. Love badbunny
I DO need a project!
FoolProof: I'll have to think of something.
cornpone: i'll give you an assignment. agree now or suffer.
FoolProof: Yes.
My Project
LowFlyingMule: I am working on putting integrated speakers (think headphones) in a motorcycle helmet.
Kassi42: current project: lowering bloodpressure and stress &depression management.  
course of action: booking full body massages once every week and a half, join a yoga class, talk therapy, medical therapy, aerobic exercise at least 4 times a week, the DASH diet, getting 10 minutes of sun a day to keep my body regulated, getting up after only 7 1/2 or 8 1/2 hours of sleep.  
Current status: Well.
fabulon7: Recording an album.  
Prepping some photos for printing.  
Installing some lights.
Fluffy: I'm between projects right now. Procrastinating, you could say. On the horizon, once I figure out how I'm paying for it, I need to build a new gate into my carport and replace the rear transmission mounts and brakes on my Bug.
change of plans
Hornpipe2: I'm putting the boat on hold for the forseeable future.  
Right now I'm going to be finishing our cat tree (should be a weekend of work or less). Then I'm going to build an arcade cabinet.