Save the planet or......
Posted by Psychomike 13 years ago
Recently a friend of mine sent me an email about the conservative YAF group from the 60's. They were the Young Americans For Freedom, and were supposed to be the answer to SDS. He asked me my opinions so:  
YAF! Damn I hadn't heard that group in years! When I was in SDS we use to go to their parties because they drank like fish! Lots of free booze.  
We had an office at 1225 S. Wabash, skid row then but yuppie heaven now. ( By the way, if you haven't eaten at GIOCCO or OPERA down there we should go have dinner- you can cover tax and tip I'll cover the meal. Damn I love those restaurants).  
Because all the people I work with are younger than me the subject of YAF hardly ever comes up!  
When the Weathermen split from SDS there was a break in at the office and money and a subscribers list was stolen. It was presumed to be the work of the Weathermen.  
Years later I discvovered that the Red Squad and YAF had done the breakin! How? One of the organizers of the break in is now one of my best friends (though he opposes Bush and the Iraq war now).  
Small world.  
If you type in the words "American Hiroshima Osama" in the great Google search engine you will discover world wide reports that a nuke has already been smuggled into the country. This country.  
So- Homeland Security is a waste of money.  
Our cities, schools, nuclear power plants are unprotected.  
We saw how well the government did with evacations and police protection in New Orleans.  
The entire world before the age of reason was a dark place. The last few centurys are bright and shiny compared to all that came before.  
Yet I am told rather than do anything about the terror threat it would be better to spend trillions on "saving the planet".  
The planet isn't worth saving. We are.  
If science and reason gives way to Islam, we will be smack dab in the middle of the 14th century again.  
We look to both political parties and one's answer to the terror threat is to build additions to stadiums for hundreds of millions (yet there is no money to try a practice evacuation). The other parties answer is colored warning codes.  
Oh yeah, and a film about the "global warming". Osama must be quivering in his boots!  
It is clear to me neither political party can handle the 21st century.  
I believe the time for a third party is coming. Right now favors, jobs and money are doled out and keep people in the parties. One dirty bomb taking out an airport, one nuke wiping out a city and guess what?  
The bribes won't work anymore. We don't need a new system. We need some party that will stand up and say that worrying about the environment in 100,000 years is ok, but we better make sure we survive.  
Give me liberty- or fucking kill me!