Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I drove the big 24 foot U-Haul truck for a few hours on Saturday. Now my Ford Focus feels like a sports car.  
I really don't like driving big vehicles though. I just can't get comfortable! I drove a minivan for the week or so before renting the U-Haul, and the seat pressed against my lower back in just such a way that it really made the soreness from moving even worse.  
I'm lucky I'm a young guy without too much back trouble so I can get away with bad lifting practices. If I was like thirty years older I'm sure the past week would've put me in the hospital or something.
fabulon7: 30? 30 is not old.
fabulon7: Ah, 30 years older. I get it now. Move along.  
You should wear a weightlifting belt when you move. I'm not sure it helps, but it looks freakin' cool as fuck.
Hornpipe2: True, but I think this is a more appropriate belt after all that (box) lifting and throwing: