Posted by Psychomike 13 years ago
Getting ready to move so taking a break.  
good luck
thatmikeykid: moving is never fun.
deathburger: Where are you headed? (roughly) Another part of Chicago?
Still in the same neighborhood, the new place will have w fireplace, great sun room, three blocks from the Jarvis beach- and rent to own!  
1200 record albums, 2000 videos- it's like moving an army!
Kassi42: I know exactly what you're going through. Greg and I are just finishing up our move this weekend. He's going to bring the furniture in a U-haul on Sunday. I might be weird for saying this, but I have found that besides Greg having to be in Fayetteville at some times while I'm in Conway, this whole moving thing has actually been fun.  
Maybe it's just because I'm at that age where I like to go through those developmental leaps that prove how independent I'm becoming and that me and Greg are building a life together. : )  
I wish you a smooth move and low deposite costs on your new utilities. : )