My music collection is bigger.
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
XMMS doesn't know what to do with some broken MP3s when it figures out their length. So I can automatically win any contest of music collection size:  
Evidently I have a total of 1,192,087 hours of music.
Time to
Soya: ...share! btw...congrats on graduation!! Is grad school on the agenda? Or will you get whisked away by the lure of the paycheck?
thatmikeykid: makes me mad. it never works right.
fabulon7: xmms always worked for me. But I thought it sucked. So it made me mad too.
deathburger: So you don't like Winamp either?
fabulon7: No. I don't. I like it marginally better than xmms, because it does a couple of things xmms doesn't. (At least the version of xmms I have.)  
To tell you the truth, I am constantly in the hunt for the perfect media player. I haven't found one I really like yet.  
deathburger: If it helps, VLC does have a playlist.. it's just not as obvious as in XMMS/Winamp. It also has an EQ if you "Extend GUI".. in my version that's under the "Settings" menu.
fabulon7: I use VLC for video, but it's too damned ugly to use for audio.