Murdoch, NeoCons Back Hillary!
Posted by Psychomike 13 years ago
This is on Drudge tonight, my comments follow:  
Mon May 08 2006 18:25:16 ET  
Rupert Murdoch has agreed to host a political fundraiser for Hillary Clinton this summer!  
Murdoch's surprise decision to raise money for Clinton in July, on behalf of NEWS CORP., parent company of FOXNEWS and the NEW YORK POST, underlines a dramatic turn of relations between Murdoch and Clinton, who in 1998 coined the phrase “vast rightwing conspiracy” to denounce critics of her husband.  
Some say the move by Murdoch reflects approval of her Senate career. Others note his record for picking future national leaders. Last century, he threw over the British conservatism he'd long supported to back longshot Tony Blair.  
Clinton surprised Washington and media watchers recently by attending a FOX NEWS anniversary party, where she toasted Murdoch.  
Political powerbroker and studio head Harvey Weinstein is said to have convinced Hillary that Murdoch could be a friend, not a foe, in her ongoing political maneuvers.  
Hillary has now cornered the NY media market, by winning support from the NEW YORK TIMES, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS owner Mort Zuckerman -- and now Murdoch and the NY POST.  
Now, a woman that has already raised almost $30 million dollars- needs more fundraisers?  
Since Dean has been unable to raise anywhere near that amount for the entire party that makes Hillary a powerhouse and powerbroker.  
With the people who were called "neocons" gathering around her this raises a real dilemma with the left. If Murdoch was a "leader of the neocons" and "Fox news" the neocons mouthpiece, what happens when these folks back Hillary? She says she is tired of Bush dragging his feet on Iran. How does the left now say Fox is cool, Murdoch ok and Hillary's move to the right- and faster wars in the region, ok?
deathburger: News flash: nobody except the neocons gives two stinky shits about Hillary Clinton.
glitch p-udding: agreed.  
the psychomike/drudge stance is to somehow portray the dems as all riled up about hillary.  
the truth is that the right hasn't stopped being riled up about hillary for about 13 years now. they've been in a non-stop tizzy. and tizzy is the right word. you ever see when homer does the pee-pee dance where he's hopping up and down and waving his hands around?  
i'm a politics/elections-obsessed democrat and a new yorker. and i spend very little time thinking/worrying about hil..and i spend very little time thinking about her. after november, we'll start focusing on 2008. republicans will continue to obsess about hillary, no matter what year it is.  
If she has the right in her corner, what is it exactly they are freaking out about?