Posted by Hornpipe2 12 years ago
Today I turned in the last homework assignment in my entire life. 16 years of my time has culminated in this moment. This is a big step for me: in under two weeks I graduate from college and I'm out on my own.  
Now, I've been preparing for this for some time. I moved out of the dorms my third year of college and I've been pretty much able to manage taking care of myself. I know how to buy groceries and cook a handful of meals. I learned a little about fixing a car and the responsibility you have when you start getting bills in the mail. And I think I can balance stress very well (and live on a budget!)  
But still, I don't even pay my own car insurance. I have no idea how to buy a car, a house, raise kids, or advance in a career. I don't doubt those things will be challenging. Honestly, though, I'm ready.  
Of all the experiences I've had and all the things I've learned and everything I've gained, though, it's not the money or the job or the degree I'll cherish the most. It's the chance to experience my new life with Kassi right with me, helping me along, providing support, being a friend and a fiancee (wife...).  
Thanks Kassi, for being so perfect for me. Everything that's good about the last two years is better because of you. I love you.
SpearmintFur: I think you're gonna make it afterall.  
*Dun dun dun duh, DAH!*  
awww : * )
Kassi42: And I'm so proud of you for finishing school, too! That's something I couldn't do. <3