Programming Languages
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
I'm finishing up my senior year in college right now, and as a final project in my Programming Languages class, I have to write my own interpreted programming language in Scheme.  
Since I've recently had some interest in esoteric programming languages, I'm now designing my language to be as minimal as possible, and then writing a library to provide all the functionality, because:  
1) I thought it'd be fun to do something a little different than the standard "Greg's Own C++"  
2) I really dislike programming in Scheme, and would rather write programs in my own language than have to do more work extending the language in Scheme.  
So here's the list of every recognized keyword in my language:  
MINUS, WHILE, DEFINE, PRINT, VAR, LTZ (less-than-zero?), SET.  
Yeah, no add, multiply, if, or boolean operations are supported natively. Just subtract and a way to loop if the expression evaluates to less than zero.  
I'm calling it Minus Infection.
Too bad you weren't already finished
SpearmintFur: I'm working on a project where my team needs to make a fitness calculator, except we can't use Java.  
If you made like, a nifty OO language, I'd probably would have prefered that over what the group chose (C#).  
Then again, C# does do that nifty thing where you just put get{} and set{} instead of an actual method for each.  
So cross that out.  
Really, good luck with your language. I'd be something I'd actually code in (and I don't code for fun).
Hornpipe2: Forgot to mention that this minimalist language has to be object-oriented too, so there's actually a DOT operator that lets you access inside the objects.
deathburger: The Hp² programming language is not meant for underwater use. Batteries not included. Do not bleach. Not for use as a floatation device. Some assembly required. (C and BASIC for everything else)
Hornpipe2: Forgot to mention that I finished this up. The final count was 10 keywords. I also put together a library with a lot of operators, conditionals, comparators, and some math functions etc.  
Because of the extra hoops that I had to jump through to get it all working, my professor awarded me a 100% on it despite the fact that I didn't complete the test program he wanted. Score!