A sample of my ever-evolving thoughts on abortion
The science community has so far been unable to define the beginning of human life in such a way that there can be no mistake about its validity. As a result, different people have different beliefs about when life starts, and they consequently believe that anyone with a different belief is wrong. In general, "pro-lifers" believe life begins at conception and "pro-choicers" believe life begins sometime after that (some believe at "viability," some at birth, etc.).  
From this basic disagreement, that despite all the arguments made for the various sides is inevitably reduced to a difference of beliefs, stems the endless screamings, arguments, rallies, legislation, and court cases that are the "abortion issue." My own belief is that all of these efforts should be focused on finding real ways of reducing abortions: positive steps toward reducing rape, increases in adoption options, increases in sexual education and birth control availability, etc. Perhaps we cannot all agree on whether an abortion is "wrong" and therefore on its legality. But I think that most would agree that the non-legality-related avenues toward abortion reduction are for the good regardless.  
I'm not saying, then, that we should just keep abortion legal and work to reduce it. Nor am I saying that we should make it illegal. I'm saying that wasting any more breath, energy, time, or money on arguing either way is a pointless and harmful avenue so long as it is clearly not possible to reach a consensus on the beginning of human life.  
(And yes, I realize the irony and possible hypocrisy in using time and energy to argue against arguing about abortion legality.)
deathburger: So then what is it you suggest be done? It looks like you've given a couple ideas and then said not to use them...
aardvocate: Are you refering to, I'm not saying, then, that we should just keep abortion legal and work to reduce it? Reading back, that was poorly written. I meant only that I don't want to make a statement about its legality. So the "I'm not saying" goes with the "keep abortion legal," not with the "work to reduce it."  
If you're refering to something else, I'm not sure what it is.  
I guess another way to see my point is that if we make the first step of any solution "keep it legal" or "make it illegal," then as soon as the one we don't want happens, we'll only be trying to accomplish the one we do want, and so on forever; so why not just work so hard at attacking the sources of abortion (such as rape, lack of adoption options, lack of birth control, etc.) that both sides are ultimately happy (the choicers because nobody will want them anymore anyway and the lifers because nobody is having them). I mean, just think if all the activist types on both sides got together and start having rallies against ineffective rape-prevention policies, or demanding better sex education for all young people....
deathburger: Thing is the zealots on the anti-abortion side don't want any part of any middle ground on it, so sadly it would never work. :/