Tricky Cats
Russian clown Yuri Kuklachev has a troupe of cats who do handstands, crawl along high wires and balance on balls and he says the secret to training them is realizing that you can't force cats to do anything.  
"Each cat likes to do her own trick," said Kuklachev, whose show has not been the target of animal rights protesters. "Maruska is the only one who does the handstand. I find the cat and see what they like to do and use that in the show."  
"I have a cat now that loves to be in the water," he said. Kuklachev said the breed of cat made no difference to their abilities, although Persians tended to be lazy. He adopts cats from shelters and trains the offspring of the cats he has.
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Anybody here have a cat that likes to do something particularly unique?  
shigpit: Mine shits in the living room.
deathburger: Mine gets lonely so she will hop up on the table where the answering machine is and press the button that plays the greeting message so she can hear us talk.
Kassi42: That's really cool, db. Our cat "talks" a lot. She greets us when we come into the room by meowing. She also plays fetch and comes when you call her.
deathburger: We have one like that too, he acts more like a dog. :)
robertwszczecinie: My cat was runover by a car but when she was alive she used to meow and rub against my legs whenevr I was whistleing. She could go on as long as I was. Sometimes we would put up quite a show.