xmas 2005
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 13 years ago
I had one hell of a vacation this Christmas. In the couple of weeks I spent away from Dayton, I decided to quit my job, move out of Ohio, and get a divorce. The best part is, I've never been happier.  
To answer your first question, no, I did not join a cult.
Mac: Errr...congratulations? I think?
cornpone: way to go man. i didn't even know you were married.  
btw, is your blog dead or what?
deathburger: If you're happy, that's what counts. I'm curious about a couple things, but it doesn't seem to me that an open forum is the best place to ask..
w00t to you!
shigpit: If you're happy and you know it ...  
fabulon7: Wow. All I did was drink and sleep in.
PAgent: To answer your first question, no, I did not join a cult.  
That's too bad, because frankly I'd be interested in a cult that could get results like that. Zowie.
UpsideClown: NOW join a cult.
Kassi42: "Events are cowards - they only come in packs." (unknown author)  
Sometimes you gotta do it all at once if you're going to make healthy choices because everything is dependent on everything else. Props for having the courage to improve your life!