Latest evidence of prisoner abuse by Americans: bad cigarettes
Iraq defendant gripes about cigarettes, food  
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A co-defendant in the trial of Saddam Hussein complained on Wednesday about the quality of cigarettes the U.S. military gave him while in custody.  
Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, Saddam's former intelligence chief and one of his most feared sidekicks, also said the food was bad and he was not given blankets. He lost 18 kilos in just two months in captivity, he complained.  
"We were detained by one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet it was only after four months in detention that they gave me cigarettes," said Barzan, charged with crimes against humanity.  
"And then they were of the worst quality in the world."  
Saddam and his co-defendants have frequently berated the Americans and their Iraqi allies over their treatment.  
The former president complained earlier in the trial about having a notepad confiscated and having to walk up several flights of stairs to the courtroom because of a broken elevator.
MuManda: I for one am more ashamed of being an American today than I have ever been.
deathburger: Musta given him Basics or something. Remember kids, cigarettes = terrorism!
FoolProof: GPC or Yours, perhaps.
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