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Posted by blackvelvetjesus 13 years ago
From a post on about the Violence Against Women Act:  
I'm against VAWA By: ericatruth  
It's a sexist way to throw men in jail. My ex-wife and her friend drove from Washington into Oregon to assault me at a pizza hut and the cops came and wanted to arrest me. The pizza hut manager and many customers saw the assualt and got mad at the cops - so the cops arrested the two women, Her friend confessed and was released in exchange for the facts. My ex spent three days in jail before her dad bailed her out. Then the prosecutor dropped charges, saying he would of had to charge me to if they contiued to charge her.  
It's just a lot of lies.  
Dear ericatruth (warning) By: Leon H  
While most of us on this site share your general disdain for liberals, the link in your signature leads to a website that contains some material that we'd frankly like to avoid being associated with. If you wish to continue posting here, please remove it.  
Macho Nachos - Roe Delenda Est!  
Leon is nicer than I am. By: trevino  
Having seen your website, you are history here.
deathburger: Takes a real special kind of asshole.