Toyota i-Swing
This didn't seem worthy of a link post, but I had to share it:  
Toyota i-Swing Rolls at Tokyo Motor Show  
If you thought the Segway was a ridiculous vehicle, you'd better brace your eyeballs; they're about to do some serious rolling. Yesterday at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota showed off its conceptual i-Swing personal mobility thingamajig. Like the Segway, the i-Swing works by leaning into it, but it also learns the driving habits of its user, which has some benefit or other. More importantly, people are sure to get out of your way when they see you come careening down the bike lane in one of these three-wheeled death traps. It's entirely too telling that the i-Swing has no extra seating for the user to pick up a date.  
[from Wired's Gear Factor]  
deathburger: I wouldn't get in that thing to save my life, cuz it'd probably kill me.