The OneUps - Dallas - August 20/21st
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago
My band The Oneups is traveling to Dallas this weekend to play two shows at the American VideoGame Expo (vgXpo). Performances are on August 20 and 21st at the Dallas Convention Center at at 1:30 PM, but I'd recommend checking an event schedule just to be sure. For those who don't know, the OneUps are a band that plays live versions of strictly video game music, usually in a jazz or funk style. A few OneUps fans will be there from Arkansas and the Dallas area, and Kassi and the band will be manning the OneUp Studios booth, so if you're in the area and considering coming to the show please let us know.  
Also, the band now has a MySpace group to help keep track of band events and shows. There are also a few demos from the album available from the page. Add us if you're interested.
Kassi42: Their band is really good. Their album is awesome. They play video game music. Check out their MySpace profile, add them if you're a member there and like what you hear (they have music you can sample there, as well as on their website, OneUp Studios.)  
We're excited about the vgXpo gig. Anyone in the Dallas area should come out and give them a listen. As the "booth babe", I'll be there selling stuff for OneUp Studios (run by my best frined) wearing provacative clothing.  
/whoring out my boyfriend's band.
fabulon7: Come to Canada, and I'll come to see you. Hell, my band could evenplay with your band, althoughit doesn't sound like they sound very similar...
fabulon7: I have to qualify that as "come to my part of Canada." Canada is a big place. If you go to Alberta, I probably won't show up.
The One Up is da bizomb.
AaronGNP: You guys rock... My Band's next album is going to be a concept album, with all songs structured around samples from 8-bit video games.  
Kassi42: Get a hold of Tomcat101147 for our contact info if any locals want to meet up or come out to hear.
AaronGNP: We might be touring down that way this spring... We'll see how it goes...  
fabulon7: What does your band do? We should totally make an LF compilation CD. One song from each group/artist.
AaronGNP: Hardcore electronic... Sometimes fringing on Gabber/Gabba.  
lagbnaft: Im sorry I'll have to miss this one. It would have been great to meet you both. :(
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Kassi42: Greg's bad has a couple of recordings and pictures from their last show here.
fabulon7: How come I see YOU, but I don't see HIM? Are you sure this isn't YOUR band?
Kassi42: lol. He's the violin player. There are a couple of pictures of him and he's in the video. The guys in the band (friends since high school) basically wanted to embarrass me so they called me up to play the keys. I am NOT a performer, but I did like the song.  
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