Inspection 14 July 05
Posted by Darwish 13 years ago
I inspected today to see how the honey supers on hive B were doing, and to check for the new queen in hive A. The good news is, the new queen is alive and well in the hive. The bad news is, she does not seem to be performing her queenly duties very well. There was only a small amount of new brood in the hive, and I did not see any eggs. However, the light was not good for checking for eggs, so there may have been some. I will have to perform my next inspection when the light is more favorable for egg spotting.  
In this next photo, you can clearly see the queen (number 12), on the comb. Also visible is the small patch of larvae from the new queen. Ideally, this frame should be packed solid with eggs and larvae. I don't know what exactly is happening, perhaps she starts slowly as she gets acclimated to the new hive. I only hope she has been accepted by the hive to the degree that my inspection did not disrupt a fragile situation.  
Hive B is doing very well, drawing out the foundation in the second honey super I provided them. No capped honey in the first super yet, but it should be soon, I hope. There are a lot of bees in this hive. They are spilling out the front of the hive, piled all over the entrances. Here is a picture of the hives, showing the difference between a strong, three-deep hive and a weak two-deep hive:  
I don't think they are preparing to swarm. Swarming season is behind us, I hope. And I really don't know what steps I could take at this point to discourage swarming. I performed a reversal recently, although I may go in on Monday or Tuesday and perform a second reversal, just to keep them guessing.  
I removed one frame full of capped brood from B hive and introduced it into A hive. I swapped it with a frame of bare foundation from A hive. B hive should draw out the foundation on the frame in short order, and I hope that the introduction of the brood frame will help the new queen in A hive.  
There were a lot of bees at the main entrance of A hive in defensive posture.  
Also, I can feel the entire hive vibrating when I place my hands on the hive bodies of B hive.
cornpone: what is brood?  
what is super?  
who fucks the queen?
Darwish: Brood are baby bees. This includes eggs, larvae and pupae (capped and uncapped). Bees begin their lives as tiny eggs deposited by the queen at the bottoms of the cells. The eggs hatch, and the larvae grows until it almost fills up the cell. Then the adult hive bees cover the cell with a wax cap, and the young bee spins a silk cocoon around itself and pupates, just like a caterpiller. (Neat!)  
Wikipedia entry for brood.  
A hive body (or deep hive body) is the living space for the bees, where the bees raise brood. A honey super is exactly like a hive body, but shallower. A honey super is where the bees process and store surplus honey. Since honey is 1.5 times as dense as water, the supers are very heavy by the time they are full, which is why they are shorter, and we differentiate between the two. Trying to remove a deep hive body full of honey would be a two person job.  
The only male honeybees, the drones, have absolutely no other function than to fuck a queen. They contribute nothing to the hive, and require worker bees to groom and feed them. When the weather is nice, they fly off to a drone congregation area, where they all cruise in circles hoping some virgin queen will come along looking to get her some. Up to a dozen or so drones will mate with a single queen bee.  
Of course, mating is fatal for a drone bee.
"During ejaculation, the male falls back and his endophallus is ripped out of his body and remains attached to the queen."
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vinfille: Maybe you'll come back as a girl bee, and get to lay eggs all day long. Or work yourself to death.
fabulon7: They also screw going 20km/h and when the male's parts fall out, there is a pretty audible "pop" noise.  
I watched a show about this. It was crazy. They mounted a queen at the end of a stick with a camera on the other end and spun it around to simulate the queen flying then filmed the whole process.  
That was a good movie.
vinfille: Bee snuff porn? Yeah, that sounds like a great movie.
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