More summer pictures
Posted by Darwish 14 years ago
We have a guest in the parsley in the front garden. I am not sure what it is, but it is pretty nonetheless:  
The bed of Bergamot in the front is in full bloom, much to my own delight and that of the hummingbirds. Mt favorite flowers are these uncommon double flowers:  
I was digging a hole in the back yard in order to amend the soil and plant some blueberry bushes. For some reason, my dogs decided that it was the perfect spot to get a suntan. It made me laugh, since it looks like I was digging a hole in which to bury the dogs:  
Fluffy: Cool pictures. That's a Black Swallowtail caterpillar. The adult stage looks like this:  
thatmikeykid: hah, that's a new one.
fabulon7: Not around here it isn't...
Darwish: Neat. Thanks for the id, Fluffy. I will keep my eyes peeled to see if it builds a cocoon in the garden.
fabulon7: I like how your pictures make use of depth of field. And that's a cool caterpillar.
Copyright violation
vinfille: From now on, I demand that you credit me for all photographs I take and you subsequently steal for your journal. Otherwise, I'll post pictures of your own personal mug in cornpone's I Know What You Look Like, and your cover will be blown.  
fabulon7: OK, then. I like the way YOU use depth of field in your photos, which your husband later steals.
vinfille: Sorry, didn't mean to be the whiny one begging attention, but I was pretty pleased with those pictures I had just taken, and was shocked to find that they'd been usurped. I just like to take pictures of flora as close-up as possible, I can't take credit for actively attempting depth-of-field tricks.
I finally worked out a deal with my wife so that she only edits pictures that she took. She still sends 'em all over though.  
I feel your pain...
cornpone: it could be worse. he could be putting them on his profesional photography site and claiming them as his own.  
you should blow his cover anyway.  
deathburger: That or eat three meals of beans and broccoli and blow the covers off.
thatmikeykid: i asked sandy what to do with my last few points.. here's the converstion (or my version of it anyway):  
"You should comment on how you'd like to eat the at catapiller!"  
"the big fat juicy one"  
"oh, that one. huh?"  
"Who was that?"  
"darwish!" "look how fat he is!"  
"oh. yeah. it does look pretty delicious."
vinfille: Maybe I should post Dar's picture, just so no one confuses him with a big fat juicy caterpillar.
cornpone: DO IT! (c'mon darwish, we know you're hot)
Darwish: I am not green.
Darwish: Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.