California here we come!
Posted by ultrafastx 14 years ago
Not sure how much I'll be on for the next week or so. The movers are coming tomorrow to pack and load us up, then we're going to hit the road Thursday. Hopefully we'll make LA by Saturday night. Then I start the new job Monday while agent honeydew goes off to try to find us a place to live. Hopefully the hotel they're putting us up in will have free Internet access so we can check listings for rentals online (and LF, of course).  
Off to go finish organizing for the packers!
shigpit: w00t!  
Happiness is a free wifi connection in a hotel room. :)
ultrafastx: Beaglebot...gimme a call or catch me on IM if you don't hear from me, since we'll be coming through Oklahoma on Thursday night. We can probably stop in Tulsa and maybe get together for a little bit.
FuzzyDave: heh.  
heh heh.
fabulon7: Go PACKERS!
Well, if you happen to make a pitstop in San Fransisco
SpearmintFur: Be sure to wear a flower in your hair.  
Sorry, I couldn't pass it up.