Aborted journal entry
Posted by Darwish 14 years ago
I was going to write about inspecting my bees this afternoon, but deathburger made my firefox crash. So instead of posting a journal entry, I am off to find a young priest and an old priest (I already have the holy water hidden in a bottle of gin in the freezer).
vinfille: Dude, how many points do you need to level up?
cornpone: a little under 800. peice o cake.
cornpone: mmmmmmm.....
vinfille: uh... I can ID hotdogs, french fries and... chocolate cake? WTF is that?  
Pone, have you started your monograph entitled "the pictoral history of frightening food" yet? If not, get cracking.  
cornpone: maybe i should. here, enjoy some vienna sausages.  
You guys knock that off!  
*stifles a hurl*
Dar's no longer Immortal! He's a CRACKHEAD!!!  
Congrats, Dar!
crataegus: I'm jealous.
Kassi42: 10 and a comment...  
25 and a comment?