Posted by ultrafastx 14 years ago
I'M SICK!!!! BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!  
At least I know what the progression of symptoms is...  
Unfortunately, I didn't get my dissertation done. Hope my committee is understanding and lets it slide being a day or so late.
shigpit: Don't sweat it. You've got you a job already. :P  
PAgent: You don't understand pig. It's not his committee, it's not the department head, it's not even his prospective employer. It's that crazy lady in the admin building that takes your thesis and measures the font size and the margins with a micrometer. The one that can tell the weight of the paper by feel. The one that can take one look at your dissertation and tell you the make and model of your laserprinter, and whether you're using cheap toner refills or not. That lady, she can just make you disappear, man. And you will *shudder*
ultrafastx: werd.
sterlingbeauty: um, I hate to ask, but did you go find those people? And, uh, how are their shoes doing?
ultrafastx: I haven't seen them in person yet, which is fortunate...  
for them. >:|