Posted by ultrafastx 13 years ago
If you're ill, STAY THE F__K HOME!  
Agent honeydew was throwing up last night and has a fever today. I'm betting she caught something from a couple of her coworkers who thought they had "food poisoning." Now I'm totally paranoid because I've got my dissertation do in a couple days and my defense in just over a week. The last thing I can afford is to spend a couple days bent over the porcelain god and running a fever. I'm washing my hands constantly and trying to drink a lot of fluids.  
If I get sick, I'm gonna visit these jerks and puke on their shoes.
re. PSA
cksoprano: Start taking echinacea with Goldenseal, suck on zinc losenges, and take extra doses of vitamin C. And, get more sleep, and drink plenty of water. I agree, the last thing you need is to be leveled by a pesky bug!
ultrafastx: Yeah...see, the whole sleep thing is a problem.
clu: In that case, get in as much work as possible, now, just in case. Btw, why are you reading this? You have a dissertation to finish. GET BACK TO WORK!
cksoprano: Seriously, get thyself to the store and pick up these helpful a classical singer, I am *always* concerned about contracting some annoying little bug. They have helped me when I have felt a little phycally funky...or when someone around me is not well. Just a few helpful thoughts....I HOPE, anyway. :)
thatmikeykid: as a non-classical cubible worker, i also care about these things.  
fabulon7: As a travelling rodeo clown, I like to feel physically funky.
You got to funkifize!
we had that here
bear: cyclospora!