Flee in terror!
Posted by ultrafastx 14 years ago
FuzzyDave> Eet Hawt Onley Deth Scrobblesaecekans!  
ultrafastx> That's not a Space Onley!!! That's their evil allies the Lemurians.  
ultrafastx> And the one in the back is a right bastard.  
ultrafastx> Just look at that crazy m-f  
darkstar> hehehe  
FuzzyDave> his name is Ozzie, i'm thinkin  
darkstar> I think he's the ring-leader  
darkstar> urging on the others to do his nefarious bidding  
ultrafastx> The one in the center is clearly the daft, insane one.  
ultrafastx> So the one on the right must be the muscle.  
darkstar> that's usually the way of it.  
darkstar> Basically, it's darkstar, fuzzydave and ultrafastx.  
darkstar> I'll let you figure out who is who.