Honky tonkin'
Posted by ultrafastx 13 years ago
I'm on a Dwight Yoakam kick for some reason.  
This is a good collection of his stuff:  
So, he looks pretty slick and hip, right? Always has the beat up hat with the serious curvature. Wears tight jeans, usually kind of beat up. He's always cultivated a bit of a rebel/rocker outsider image.  
Here are some of his album covers...  
And then, a couple years ago I was shocked when I saw him in a movie, sans hat...and realized why he wears it. =)  
Bud Tugly: He's a very good actor.  
He was great in Sling Blade and was probably the best thing in The Newton Boys.
ultrafastx: Yeah, he's done some respectable work in a number of films. I didn't realize he was in Panic Room until I was looking at his website.