The Grandmatrix
Posted by ultrafastx 14 years ago
darkstar> Okay, results of today's experiment: Rose syrup in fizzy water makes a drink which is both thoroughly delicious and wholly nauseating.  
darkstar> It's like drinking Grandma.  
shigpit> d*, especially if her name is Rose.  
PAgent> "Drinking Grandma"--the new film from John Waters  
ultrafastx> soylent rose is made of grandma  
ultrafastx> my grandma would taste like pork products now  
darkstar> :)  
darkstar> ewwwww  
shigpit> "The Grandmatrix" -- starring Keanu Reeves' grandma.  
ultrafastx> "You must take the red pill and the blue pill, and this pill for your blood pressure, and this other pill for your arthritis, and this other pill...."  
shigpit> ufx: what's the little blue pill for?  
ultrafastx> "I know crocheting!"  
crataegus> There ain't pills enough for drinking Grandma  
ultrafastx> female Viagra?  
FuzzyDave> Bullet Time would become CruiseControl Time  
ultrafastx> too bad I'm not a fanfilm maker. We could totally make Grandmatrix  
shigpit> and instead of martial arts, it would be little old women hitting people with their canes and walkers.  
crataegus> All grandmothers are secret martial artists of the super secret Path of the Righteous Ear Smack with the Flat of the Hand