Some Things That Are Getting Me By
Posted by subtek 14 years ago
Paper Mario
clu: Smith is in the middle of Paper Mario. She's currently level 17 and just got the 5th or 6th star gem thingy. She loves it. Myself, I look forward to played GTA:SA. But I'll have to wait till it's ported to Xbox.
subtek: Paper Mario is great. We're on the last boss. We gotta hurry up too because blockbuster is about to send the leg breakers after us.  
I'm not sure that GTA:SA will come out for Xbox, but it will for PC.  
clu: I'm semi-confident that GTA:SA will eventually be ported. If I had to guess, it'll be out on the xbox by xmas 2005.
affiliate19: i dunno.  
i've got a bit of insider rumor that sony is pretty pissed at M$ atm. sony pretty much told rockstar they wanted exclusive rights to the game if it was to be debut on ps2. it will definitely be out on PC though, and sooner than xmas of next year for sure.
subtek: Did Vice City make it to Xbox?  
I don't have either... I've got a Game Cube, and I don't think there is much chance of any GTA showing up there. BTW: I'm borrowing my gf's PS2 to play SA.  
clu: Yeah, GTA III and Vice City were released for the Xbox about year ago. They sold together as a package. My brother got it for me for xmas last year. I beat Vice City about a month ago, and GTA III around january.