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311 - Galaxy (1997)
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Between Mars and Jupiter there’s a gap for another planet
Now way back yeah maybe a mad man
Just blew the shit out of it
Now we’re tryin’ to get back in alignment
Explains why we go through cycles always tryin’ to find it
Closin’ into the age of Aquarius crazy weather floods
Tornadoes low jet streams not gettin’ better
Enterin’ a twilight zone activities grown
And every single day more people spottin’ UFOs

Let’s come together with this new coast shit
We got the motherfuckin’ kids now lets freak this shit
It’s messed up if you’re feeling (feeling)
Everything is wrong, we’ll take over the pentagon

It’s fucked up in this paradigm cuz
I’m burning fossil fuels I don’t even need to
Free energy has been harnessed
We don’t use it why ’cause the technique’s been suppressed
The hourglass has passed through granules that’s cool
We gotta bust it, break all these rules and
Switch change up the pitch
Rearrange our lives and this dumb shit we’ll ditch

Let’s come together with this new coast shit
We got the motherfuckin’ kids now lets freak this shit
It’s messed up if you’re feeling (feeling)
Everything is wrong, we’ll fumigate the chevrons

I found a bootleg of the cosmic conscious then erased it
Visualized the breath technique slowly became it
Now something is watchin’ me since I have found the keys
To free this energy my high speed light body
The galaxy is crazy it doesn’t amaze me
That we’re livin’ out of phase and quickly decaying
6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons
Is encoded in this planet we live on
reddit catching up I see
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Make a wish. It's time.
Thank You Donald Trump
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Thank You Donald Trump

(This is a post I've been meaning to make for months. I've been waiting for better inspiration and text to come to me, but now, before I go vote, I'll go out on the tightrope and write how I feel, before the results of this 2018 midterm elections are revealed)
Thank you DT: For demonstrating to a generation that grew to voting age with Barak Obama as president how important it is to vote.

Thank you DT: For showing Hillary Clinton once and for all that a deep strong resume cannot fully make up for deficiencies in charisma and ability to campaign. See also - George H.W. Bush.

Thank you DT: For showing that it's important for a presidential candidate to have some exposure in one or more elected government jobs before running for president.

Thank you DT: For showing the citizens of the US what the priorities and accomplishments of a GOP Congress would be if they had any breathing willing bill signer in the White House.

And now, off to vote.
Do you remember?
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What did you experience? What did you see? What did you learn? A struggle to overcome, results of choices made, a lesson in discernment? Did you do your best with what you were given? Are you Prepared For Change? Have you already changed? What do you dream about, what do you wish for? Will humanity be free? When will it be? What do you feel? Are you still mad for being lied to? Are you certain you see truth now? Are your sure these sides exist? What is actually happening? When the shadow is lifted, will you recognize the light? Wakey wakey, Kevin Bakey. Is this a meme, or is it reality? Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see. Everything is energy. Everything is connected. How do you know Now is the most important time in your existence? You arrived with assistance. We are not alone. Anonymous no more. We are all together. Divisions rejoined, justice served, trauma healed. Participate in this event, imagine the future. Love creates. All is truly well. Believe.
Some Inktober pieces
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Prompt was "cruel"

Prompt was "clock"

Prompt was "weak"

Prompt was "bottle"

Prompt was "breakable"
Bad Times at the El Royale
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I'll scribble a film review by request, but otherwise I recommend catching Bad Times at the El Royale while it is still in theaters. There are two caveats: one, you should probably enjoy the structure of Homer's epics or Aeschylus' tragedies, not counting that schlock-fest Prometheus Bound; two, you should be able to accept the purpose of the violence on screen, which will be quite a task if you don't care for heroic poems.
If you know someone who enjoys theatre, drag them along and get their take after the film.
Come on...Ted.
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Gemali Project
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I am proud to be a part of this: Gemali Project.

A bit of description from the website: "Whether you’re a spiritual seeker interested in exploring one of the world’s most well-preserved wisdom traditions, a new convert to Islam or a lifelong Muslim looking to strengthen your practice, Being Muslim offers a religiously authentic, culturally relevant and welcoming environment to connect with The Divine in a community of fellow wayfarers on a path to wholeness."

It is pretty dope, if you are into that sort of thing. ;-)
FaceBook Friend Is Begging
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I have an acquaintance on FaceBook - I've known her for many years, but was always uneasy about her. According to her, she's had terrible luck finding and keeping a job. She wants to only do home health care, will drive many miles to such a job. I think one of the main things about such a job is that it comes with room & board.
But she always seems to screw up somehow and get canned. Or else it's bad luck.
In the most recent case, she arrived at the town where her client lives, only to find out that the client went the hospital while she was on the road. She now has no job and no money.
She is begging for money via Facebook. She's done this before. Friends always seem to give her just enough to get by.
When this happens, I always think to myself "I've got to unfriend this money pit", but I never do, and then things are looking up for her again, and I forget about unfriending her until the next beg. But then I feel guilty about unfriending her while she's asking for money.
This is not my beautiful house
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To me, Linkfilter was a huge loft with exposed beams, lived-in sofas, a big refrigerator with snakky foods where we all just existed. I miss this little corner, and I came over to check out what's been going on here after oofex posted a picture of chaps on a Facebook thread.

There is a Facebook group here that if you are not part of you should be, even if it is just a holding place for in-jokes and memories.
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Going to blatantly imitate blackvelvetjesus and post links to a couple of short works I put on
They are sci-fi short-shorts, and not intended to be serious. Let me know if you like them.
First Contact
Just Like Home
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I booped your nose.
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I booped your nose.
It's happening
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Award for Best Use of Bar Chart
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I was feeling sentimental and, if appearances can be trusted, looking rather nostalgic. This is one of the few online communities that placed association above content. Perhaps I'm speaking with a ghost, but I'll converse quietly with the dead rather than failing to cut through the roar of reddit, facebook, and others.
My facebook account is active, and I believe I'm still a part of the LF group, but talking with the old crew on facebook feels like chatting up friends in the lobby of an STD clinic. Although, I am still grateful for the time that Pone used facebook to get me out of an elevator. I would rather be loathed here than loved on social media.
Speaking of loathing, I'm back to writing stories. Don't expect any sort of release schedule, but should you want some diversion, you can find the ones I've published on Medium. The page isn't monetized, and the stories are only there to be enjoyed.
The time is now
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Are you ready?
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Your silence gives consent.
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3am on Sunday, August 13, 2017.
Missing all my LF pals from back in the early days.
/sits on couch. *large cloud of dust rises from the fabric*
Twitter client annoyances.
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Well, I don't have easy access to Twitter this morning, because all my clients aren't working. Lol, I feel like I'm back on LF in 20004-2006, when I signed up. #firstworldproblems, I know.
Well I'm back.
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I used to be around here circa 2006. There was some sort of incident and LF shut down around that time. Every couple years or so, (maybe longer,) I'd search to see if it was brought back up. I just did this now and it came up. I'm just wondering, are there RSS feeds anywhere?
Best Surgery Wishes to FuzzyDave
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Hi FuzzyDave - I know it might be a year before you see this, but I see from your Tumblr that you've gone into bypass surgery. Best wishes to you, and I hope to see more pics & mysteries form you in years to come!
Election Eve Partying, Or ?
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Tomorrow is Election Day 2016. I'm leaving work early and the wife & I are going to friend's house for dinner and dessert and beverages, and watching the election results. How about you?
I miss the old days of the internet.
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Back when it was weird. Now, the internet seems so stratified and Balkanized. It's boring.
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Is this thing on?
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Test. Test.