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jinj is not jump. jinj is a GPLed internet service daemon for alphanumeric pagers and text-messaging cell phones. You can receive slashdot, jplt or other headlines, or your e-mail, with other plugins soon to follow.
the definitive ps/2e resource
Ranting and generaly weirdness from Chris Long
fork in hand
fork in hand records, home to superior ska and punk bands.  
[free music] from Big & The Kids Table, Drexel, Kicked In The Head, The Mission 120 and The Modern Day Saint here.
The open directory project is an attempt to make the worlds largest human created web catalog. It rivals yahoo in terms of depth, and doesn't have the problems associated with getting a link on yahoo.
kind of lame site about a really awesome movie
half zine, half PSA, freevibe tries to present teens with information about drugs and alcohol along with cool stuff. Very stylish site.
web economy bullshit generator
blog that asks the question "what if yoda were possessed by ralph wiggum?"
this is stupid!
triscuit 4x4
Pretty fun shockwave game I found at grosse!
pretty wild looking home page.
jane jensen
Jane Jenson always knew that she wanted to make music. She started out emulating Ginger from the show Gilligan's Island, and today is an artist passionate about making her music her way. She grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, eventually moving to Chicago. She joined two members of Die Warzau to form the group Oxygene 23. With them, she released an album with Fifth Column, songs on invisible and compilations on Dragonya. She relocated to New York City, where she released her debut solo album, Comic Book Whore, with Flip Records. She signed with Interscope Records and spent a year and half recording demos, eventually leading to her decision to record and release her next album on her own. Burner was self-released and sold over the Internet. Jenson also has acted in numerous independent films and theater productions, and has contributed to the soundtracks Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, Tromeo and Juliet, and Crow: Salvation.