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Nothing like waking up to a little snow falling down and knowing you don't have anything to do.. haha It's actually been coming down for about 2 hrs but nothing is really sticking yet. They are saying we may get 1 inch sitting on the ground by this evening but it will probably melt by morning

Any site with a logo that incorporates logic gate symbols is okay by me. There's some good content as well... a fine companion to the Jargon File.

Scotty the Bunny
well kinda hard to put a description on this other than a dude in a blue bunny suit who goes around to night clubs. My description does not do the page justice though. go take a look for yourself.
Lyrics Style
Your favorite lyrics to your favorite songs!
Most Americans know next to nothing about their neighbour to the north, except that Canadians play hockey, drink a lot of beer and end sentences with "EH?"
Explore a Missile Silo
Visit the skeletal remains of a cold war weapon

This presentation will take you on a full tour of a decommissioned, abandoned underground missile complex. The site was opened many years ago by explorers and vandals, and in fact the technology therein was nearly obsolete by the time the bases were completed in 1963, so there's little "secret" about it beyond the location of these sites, which we will not reveal here
Cauliflower Carnage
Nice visuals almost put me in a trance.
Books & Links for the Science Fiction Fan

Good if you're chomping at the bit waiting for the next book in a series to come out. Really good if you've just discovered a new author and want more of his/her books. Or if you're looking for something new.
I posted this page because I'm interested in finding a good proxy to run through. But looks like a comprehensive site for a Utopia of computer info.
Sequoia View
Ever wondered why your hard disk is full? Or what directory is taking up most of the space? When using conventional disk browsing tools, such as Windows Explorer, these questions may be hard to answer. With SequoiaView however, they can be answered almost immediately. SequoiaView uses a visualization technique called cushion treemaps to provide you with a single picture of the entire contents of your hard drive. You can use it to locate those large files that you haven't accessed in one year, or to quickly locate the largest picture files on your drive.
Gay Test
take this flash test to see if your gay or not.
Turkey Day
I'm glad it only happens once a year, I'm still feeling the effects of the "turkey coma" that always follows. We had turkey, oyster dressing, that I made, candied yams, cranberry sauce, baked rolls, mashed potatoes and giblet gravy and Michelle baked a pumpkin and a sweet potato pie. There's plenty of everything left and I'm sure I'll have turkey manhattan sandwiches every other day for a week or two.
Michael Jackson's: Baby Drop!!
Use your mouse to catch as many babies as you can in your basket. Michael will try to distract you by dropping his latest, horrible CDs at you.
How Beer Works
Have you ever wondered what "malt" really is, and how you get malt from barley? And what about hops, and why do we need yeast? Barley, water, hops and yeast -- brewers combine these four simple ingredients to make beer.
Stumped for Xmas gifts?
How about a jet, or a F1 car or a submarine? Rich kids get all the good toys.