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Huge Manatees Papah
For those who want to read it, I've uploaded an essay as a pdf file here (5 pages, 63 KB).  
It's fun to find loopholes in classic literature. :D
Economics has long been called the dismal science. The general economic outlook today is indeed dismal, but that doesn't mean job prospects in the field are. "There is no unemployment among Ph.D.'s in economics," declares John Siegfried, a Vanderbilt University professor.  
Just do the math, and you'll see why: In the current academic year, the American Economics Association has listed approximately 2,200 job openings worldwide - but U.S. universities will grant only 950 Ph.D.'s in economics.
kenneth noland
Kenneth is a painter and has a long CV of acomplishments.  
He's at times been considered a color field painter--whatever he's been labeled as,, he's gots some serious chops  
and the website's muzak aint half bad either
Conscientiousness is a good thing in a mate, researchers report, not just because it's easier to live with someone who washes the dishes without being asked, but also because having a conscientious partner may actually be good for one's health.  
Their study, of adults over age 50, also found that women, but not men, get an added health benefit when paired with someone who is conscientious and neurotic.
Mexicans have reacted to the swine flu crisis with humour and creativity.  
cc: currrent events
For those of you without twitter, here are mine. I'm proud of them, mmmkay?  
"The Silence of the Limbs" - Jodie Foster as a woman searching for a cure for her Tourette's Syndrome  
"The Jungle Bork" - Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork swings from vines and sings about "The Bare Necessities"  
"Johnny Pneumonic" - Keanu Reeves is a cyborg power drill  
"The Hole Nine Yards" - Bruce Willis stars as an owner of a Mini Golf course on the run from the mob  
"The Staid" - Stephen King's epic novel about a plague of dignified manners hitting the world.  
"Saturday Fight Fever" Elton John provides the soundtrack, and Brad Pitt and Ed Norton star in this musical Fight Club.  
"Saturday Night Fiver" Tony Manero will dance for tips.  
"Footlouse" - Small town boy dances to get the bedbugs off his extremities.  
"Full Meta Jacket" - Soldiers sit around watching Kubrick movies.  
"Dances With Vowels" - Kevin Costner plays a teacher who heads West to educate the natives.  
"Snacks On A Plane" - Food service brings too many peanuts for flight, Samuel L. Jackson has REALLY BAD allergies.  
"Snape's On A Plane" - Alan Rickman heads to a Harry Potter movie shoot, gets into a fight with Samuel L. Jackson.  
"Shakes On A Plane" - Banana smoothies at 30,000 feet, Samuel L. Jackson has had enough of the MF'n shakes.  
"Stakes On A Plane" - High Dollar Poker takes to the sky to the detriment of other passengers. Samuel L. Jackson curses.  
"Snakes On A Plain" - Torrential rains in Spain cause serpent outbreak. Samuel L. Jackson spouts profanity.  
"American Idle" - Unemployed people audition for a job at a record company  
"Goon With The Wind" - Hockey comes to Atlanta  
"The DaVinci Cad" - Bachelor has a series of one-night stands while traveling through Italy  
"Caddyshock" - Horror/Comedy on a golf course where a squirrel chews through electrical wires, wreaking havoc on the golfers.  
"M*A*S*K" - young boy with rare deformity-causing disease fights in Korea.  
Meet 'The Rich'
President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party majority in the U.S. Congress are committed to allowing the federal income tax relief first passed in 2001 to expire after 2010, which will result in nearly everyone's tax rates in the U.S. rising when they do. Our question today: Which taxpayers are going to get shafted the most when that happens?  
It's very likely not who you think it is:
Will AB do well on his 3 final exams tomorrow?
HELLZ NO! What, you thought he was a good student?! HAHAHAHA. No.
Yessiree Bob! That boy sure knows how to git his edumacation dun!
Eeehhhhhh.... maybe.
Yes, but only if he stops GOOFING OFF ON ENTERTAINING WEBSITES...!
A new book documents Kessels Kramer’s 15-year campaign for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel  
In the long history of hospitality, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel stands alone as the worst there ever was. Its 280 pages include every piece of communications ever made for the hotel by Kessels Kramer, which has famously made great capital out of the fact that the place is so awful.  
"Now even more noise!"  
"Now even less service!"  
A video tour that shows the unintentionally green credentials of this hotel.
Eco Hotels of the World
This is the ultimate independent guide to the greenest hotels and lodges on the planet. Search through our pages, review your favourite properties, read our Blog.
chinese site - helps to explore global web magazines
Google launched a new search tool yesterday designed to help Web users find public data that is often buried in hard-to-navigate government Web sites.  
The tool, called Google Public Data, is the latest in the company's efforts to make information from federal, state and local governments accessible to citizens. It's a goal that many Washington public interest groups and government watchdogs share with President Obama, whose technology advisers are pushing to open up federal data to the public.  
The company plans to initially make available U.S. population and unemployment data from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, respectively. Other data sets, such as emissions statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, will roll out in the coming months.
easiest gain of xp
comments by Illinois Drug Rehab Centers and Programs or some other dumbotroll
bacon swine haubitzenburgers flu flute
few other posts on the day
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controversial topic
This link is NOT safe for work..........
Author Steven Johnson (author of six books, most recently "The Invention of Air," and the co-founder of the hyperlocal news site He lives in Brooklyn.)  
outlines a future with more books, more distractions -- and the end of reading alone
Chrysler will file for bankruptcy after talks with a small group of creditors crumbled just a day before a government deadline for the automaker to come up with a restructuring plan, two administration officials said Thursday.  
The Obama administration had long hoped to stave off bankruptcy for Chrysler LLC, but it became clear that a holdout group wouldn't budge on proposals to reduce Chrysler's $6.9 billion in secured debt, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the filing plans are not public. Clearing those debts was a needed step for Chrysler restructure by the Thursday night deadline.  
Bankruptcy doesn't mean the nation's third largest automaker will shut down. And the privately-held Chrysler is expected to sign a partnership agreement with the Italian company Fiat as early as Thursday as part of its restructuring plan.