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Seems like an innocent enough question, right? Absolute zero is 0 on the Kelvin scale, or about minus 460 F. You can't get colder than that; it would be like trying to go south from the South Pole. Is there a corresponding maximum possible temperature?  
Well, the answer, depending on which theoretical physicist you ask, is yes, no, or maybe.
... The pace of animal rescue has skyrocketed the past year, especially for horses, as people from Colorado who have lost their properties in the national housing crisis abandon them when they move out. (and the side-ffects/consequences)
Who ruined your life?
The Parents.
The Ex.
The Television.
The Administration.
The Priest.
The Drugs.
The Bacon.
The Gopher State
Minneapolis was nice. Got the job done but it took a half day longer than scheduled cause of weather elsewhere. Ss called and invited me out for ice cream with his son but I was too tired and was already in bed. Not a bad week all in all.
‘A nurse has moral authority everywhere,’ says one expert on Third Reich medical horrors. Sadly, most nurses managed to rationalize their complicity. How was that possible?
A number of U.S. congressmen and their families — have personally profited from congressional earmarks they slipped into federal legislation.(I especially like this one....'that the House Ethics Committee ruled, in effect, that it was ethical for a congressman to earmark money for a project that he’d personally benefit from — so long as others were making money, too.'  
They say a lover's kiss can be intoxicating.  
Gianna Vigliotti, who was pulled over by police as she swerved in and out of her lane on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset Friday night, said that's exactly what happened to her
Do you believe in Ceiling Cat?
Goram Malmberg
I am a 62 years old "former" guitar builder. In fact I still do build guitars now and then for special customers. PA speaker system and bass exponential horn construction was also a big part of my work. Right now I am also working on my second book about chassis engineering. So the car is sort of a testing bench as I find "real world experience" mandatory to be able to write with my own words. I am also an old rock band bass player at the 60-70:  
He's the guy who built Abba's Star guitar and has built cabs for Led Zeppelin. he's now into chassis building for a Pantera sports car.
Off-Road Commode
Not for use when vehicle is in motion.
I don't think it's a leap of logic to assume that many of the misconceptions attributed to minority groups are the result of stereotyping. The power of stereotypes to influence is phenomenally (and disappointingly) impressive. I've seen them blow up the best laid plans of well-educated, experienced professionals, and leave them stammering, backtracking, and chagrined shells of their former selves in a matter of seconds.  
That's why I want to shatter one right now.  
To all the marketers out there trying to reach us black folks, I'd like to issue this declaration: There is a black middle class.
Challenge! Can You Spot FuzzyDave?
Cigarette machines may be banned
Cigarette vending machines and packets of 10 could be outlawed under government plans aimed at preventing children and young people smoking.  
The plans, which include banning branding and logos, apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Similar plans have been unveiled in Scotland.
Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, was born 100 years ago today. But while his hero's Cold War concerns may have dated, some of Bond's gadgets have not.  
Some movies and stories used existing technologies such as jetpacks (Dr No), autogyros (You Only Live Twice) and GPS-capable phones (Casino Royale). But many of Bond's toys were way ahead of their time - and only now are we beginning to catch up.
Signs of the times
What Paul Pierce's hand gesture - and his $25,000 fine - say about the fast-evolving world of gang signs  
Gang signing, it turns out, is not a uniform vocabulary so much as a set of simple and evolving dialects - and what exactly a given sign means, even to insiders, depends on who's flashing it, who's receiving it, and where the exchange is taking place.  
The language of gang hand-signs is, as of yet, almost entirely unstudied by sociologists, linguists, and anthropologists, even those who focus on street gangs themselves. It fits into a larger, elaborate system of signs - habits of dress and gesture, slang and invented grammar, what one eats, drinks, even how one laces up one's shoes - that mark the allegiance of members of national and regional gangs like the Bloods, the Crips, the Latin Kings, the Vice Lords, and MS-13, as well as many smaller city- and neighborhood-based gangs.  
Those signs are always in flux, and never more so than now. From their modern origins in postwar Los Angeles, gang signs have evolved and diverged and been recombined and reinvented, as particular gangs spread or their rituals are copied and reworked by other gangs.  
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