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FuzzyDave: We made the 10,000CP mark!!!  
A new LF Refundaf-ck Record!!!
deathburger: beaglebot> hello bastards  
FuzzyDave> hi, beag!  
FuzzyDave> many CP do you have? May we see a screenshot?  
beaglebot> jesus  
beaglebot> yeah, just a sec  
!! couchdive just posted Today is my Friday, In other words A kick but side scroller!.  
!! badbunny is around.  
FuzzyDave> lag: i'm just glad someone was around to appreciate the joke. clu, evidently, passed out from smoking that cigarette.  
darkstar> good grief this subcommittee hearing is like a hand-job for the Bush admin.  
* * * beaglebot will now take over lf  
darkstar> "I'd like to commmend you and the this administration for your courage in blablablaaa."  
lagbnaft> hehe Im here  
lagbnaft> I was already razzin him on the IM  
FuzzyDave> heh  
* * * FuzzyDave is still patiently waiting for beag to reveal the amount of CP refunded to him  
* * * FuzzyDave taps his foot  
lagbnaft> ah I misread your statement  
lagbnaft> I was razzin Beag  
!! beaglebot's journal has been updated.  
!! dwbike is around.  
DV8 2XL> that was worth it  
beaglebot> You have a part in this eh?  
!! myron_can_dell is around.  
DV8 2XL> oh yes  
FuzzyDave> hee hee. i can't believe we actually broke the 10,000CP refund mark. we had no idea how much you were getting refunded. not a bad job, condisering we were voting blindly.  
beaglebot> fucker  
deathburger> Everybody did, bb... it was a huge conspiracy executed in record time.  
beaglebot> that's to both of you :P  
manGina> what is the total?  
beaglebot> yes it was, that was almost 8000 in two hours  
beaglebot> See my journal  
deathburger> And there's a couple refunds on the screenshot even... classic  
darkstar> excellent  
* * * deathburger wonders if bb has any links left to refund.  
manGina> bwahahaaha  
manGina> we did it!  
deathburger> (academically speaking)  
FuzzyDave> i'm glad my baby throatbox joke was preserved for posterity in that screenshot.  
DV8 2XL> I'm so glad I made it back in time for the reveal  
FuzzyDave> Gird your loins, boys! There's gonna be one hell of a BeagleFlood™ a-comin'!!  
manGina> hahaha
fabulon7: hahahahahahaha.  
Some figures...
darkstar: 10,000 cp would let you post 44 links.  
The 44th link (costing 440 cp) would bring you to 9900 cp. The 45th link would cost 450 cp, which would bring the cp cost to 10,350.  
Beag would have to post 100 links to have the 100th be worth a 1000 cp refund.  
50 posts would require 12750 cp.  
60 = 18300,  
70 = 24850,  
90 = 40180, and  
100 links would require 49,730 cp.  
So you'd have to have almost 50,000 cp to be able to post 100 links, so you'd have a link worth a 1000-cp refund.
deathburger: We'll have to work harder next time.
bear: but if you just get a refund on those last 2 posts you are golden!
No kidding! beag will have dozens of links, any one of which will give him a hundred or more cp when it refunds. Several will give him more than his whole day's normal cp allotment, each.  
Unless they're all refunded tonight and beag loses the cp, he's gonna have a rich source of cp for several weeks to come.  
Of course, it also opens the door for some of the worst RF-ings, too! Imagine weeks of being rf-ed on links worth 300 or 400 cp! :-)
Now added...
darkstar: Otterella!  
Congrats, beag!
deathburger: btw, how many refunds was that? Any way to find out?
Not without admin access to the database or for beag to post it. It wouldn't be possible to calculate.  
The problem with trying to calculate it is that each refund could be worth any amount (10 points, 20 points or 100 points, depending on how much it cost when it was posted).
deathburger: So who could do that for us? potatono? Let's petition for it! We must know!! :)
beaglebot: IT ended at 58 links because _some people_ had a little fun after I posted that  
not to be a downer...
jones: but that seems like complete abuse of the system...
beaglebot: I didn't ask for it, I just came home to it.
Heheh...something that hit me last night is that beag made something like 30+k xp yesterday alone (about 3% of beag's total x.p.) from this event. Given all of the votes, comments and hits that will come to those links, he could stand to make twice that just on the links themselves.  
Then, given that each of those links can be refunded, sometimes for hundreds of cp, beag will be sitting in the clover for months, receiving hundreds of extra cp each time one of those links is refunded. Which means that he'll be able to post an average of an extra half-dozen links for each of those refunds. And the votes, hits and comments from those, and refunds from those, and so on, and so on...  
Which means that these 54 links he's posted will likely net him several hundred, perhaps a thousand or more, links down the road, plus their votes, hits and comments.  
It seems a conservative estimate that a half a million x.p. could be the downstream result from the fun yesterday. LinkFilter is now entering an Age of the Beagle. It's a brave new world. :-)  
Of course, on reflection, it makes the approximately half a million x.p. I've earned over the past year seem somewhat pale... :-/
ultrafastx: Yes, it is. But I think the important point, jones, is does it really matter? Beag's level 25. Most of the people who participated were level 24 or 25. It was done tongue-in-cheek. Beaglebot didn't know it was happening. No one raised any objection over the several hours it was publicly happening in the chatter. And every link beaglebot posted was a high-quality link.  
As far as I can see, it's a victimless crime.
cornpone: victimless?!?!?!  
beag hates us now.
ultrafastx: He doesn't count.
beaglebot: :P
jones: maybe people were upset..but they felt uncomfortable voicing that.  
i'm just saying.

woodgie woodgie woodgie

jones: hehe...  
i am just giving voice to the meek.  
thanks for the cookies, bunny.
not to be a downer...
jones: but that seems like complete abuse of the system...
deathburger: deja vu... I swear I've seen that comment before.
bodybait: [sat on a lawn chair wondering] How much history do I have to have before I miss the future through a news site.  
I was wondering WTF? about four days latter.  
The elction system is a fraud I knew it.