Mozilla (and Firefox) Search Plugins!
Linkfilter search plugins are now here. Just click the search(es) you want installed, confirm, and enjoy. It's actually more painless than installing an extension.

These aren't a direct replacement for the corresponding bookmarks - I still recommend having those onhand, because you can select text on a page and click them to search for that text.

Now with icons that differentiate between the search types. Hopefully they're readable enough...

And it keeps growing...
deathburger: Another one for the Otterella. Pretty soon that journal entry is gonna burst... :)
bodybait: Neat. and Thanks
deathburger: Neat? Neat???  
Just kidding. :) I'm glad someone found them useful already.
Nice journl entry!  
Otterella's got it!
glitch p-udding: thanks.
deathburger: The icons show which search type you've got selected now.. someone shout if they're unreadable in the searchbar.  
If you installed these prior to this change, you *may* have to update the icons manually... it wouldn't update them from a local copy for me, had to do it by hand (it's not really that hard :).
flipp: i enabled the search (field. can't think of the name) all the icons and descriptions look good.  
had to reload the journal icon for the txt to show
deathburger: I added in one to do the LF "Close URL" search. The drawback is you have to either type in or copy&paste the url. I recommend using the bookmarklet instead, but this may be useful too so here it is.  
To get the bookmarklets, see the Otterella journal entry linked to above.
deathburger: Bear in mind that when you use the search plugin, you must include the http:// part. It's a linkfilter requirement, not a plugin requirement. If you leave it out, it will never show any matches.
deathburger: No new searches or anything like that, but if you use these search plugins you should update them now.  
If they were uninteresting to you before, they still will be. The update is for internal stuff.
deathburger: Oh, and someone was asking somethingorother about BeOS in chatter the other day... one of these search plugins is for BeBits, which is *the* place to locate software for BeOS.