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On Posting a New Link
deathburger: It occured to me last night that when one posts a link, it might be useful to have an alternate URL. It'd be a totally optional field.

The point of it would be that if the link went 404/403/500/whatever, then the 'filter would use the alternate URL (if one was specified) rather than removing the link. If that goes too, then the link gets deleted, but there'd be a bit of a fallback for our links..


It's not something that would always be used or useful, but I believe it would get enough use to warrant it's inclusion.  

glitch p-udding: we've thought about this, too. i think it would be great if high level users could add alternate links...even if they are not the owner of the link.
deathburger: I really think that the ability to add an alternate url to other peoples links would be better as one granted on a per-user basis to those the admins feel wouldn't abuse it.. seems like a large power to give out freely just because someone levelled up alot.
beaglebot: Just something to think about if it is other users what do you do to prevent users from putting things that aren't alternate links but links to opposing views (which shoul go in comments or it makes it even more cofusing who is saying what here) or to NSFW
deathburger: That's one example of my meaning.. only allowing it to those who can be trusted (and removing it from those who cannot) would be the only way to prevent such things.
On a new old feature
beaglebot: Do a combonation of auto self linking and keywords a line that lets you enter in some optional keywords in the [keyword] format so that you could just put in a few words to key a post to things other than just the main catagories and have them link to anything else with that keyword  
beaglebot: bookmarks have the option of going to spurl/  
fabulon7: The keywords thing.  
A way to see all of the threads on which I have commented, sorted by my most recent comment.  
Posters only gain XP from comments on links rated 5 or higher. (So if everyone repeatedly tells you your links are shit, you don't gain the ability to become more and more irritating as time goes on.)  
Once per month, fabulon7 day.  
I like that alternate link idea.  
I know it isn't going to happen, but in long discussions, it would be cool to be able to collapse the view so it was easy to tell what comments had which parents.  
A way to have a new comment scan that isn't all messed up when you do something stupid, like use your back button at the wrong time.  
The ability to add journal entries to your bookmarks.  
An "I like this button" on journal entries. Costs 1CP to click and gives the journalist 25xp or something. (Because rating journals would suck, but sometimes I think people deserve a medal, or a cookie.) If five (or ten) people click this link, the journal gets a gold star.  
deathburger: I agree with everything he said.

Except there's a typo.. it's supposed to read "deathburger day". ;)

darkstar: I like the gold-star-on-the-journal thing.  
Nice to give good journallers a pat on tha back - maybe something smal, tho, like 10 xp per "thumbs-up"?  
beaglebot: I like the non xp aspect of it. I may be a bit jaded tho'
Now with Retsin
beaglebot: Started a concise view in the editable journal of the ideas  
Older Links
deathburger: The idea is once every two hours, one old link from the last 20-30 pages of links gets brought up to the front page. Having it obviously marked as an old link would be a plus.
On Skins
deathburger: I think it would be cool if we could customize skins. Like so:

All the regular skins are there, plus an option for "Custom". This custom skin would be based off of one of the other skins. The user would choose which skin to base it off of.

After that, some forms to let you change the images to something of your own choosing. If the replacement image isn't of the same size as the original, then it would be scaled to fit the original dimensions.

As an example, with this ability I could customize based off of Robot Dreams, and use this image in place of the default top logo.

UpsideClown: A skin that supports my increasing the font several times so I can see what I am reading (stupid vision) would be nice.
I had an idea yesterday that I was sure nobody else would think was a good idea, so I had to come in and suggest it. I think we should be able to rate (not vote on, just rate) our own links. Not every link I post is a great link, and some of them are not even good links, but all of them are things that I want other people to see. Having a rating system would allow users to give the rest of LF an idea of what kind of link to expect.  
Anyway, it's not very well-thought-out, and I can't really be bothered, so y'all can either rip it up or flesh it out, I honestly don't care which. Or ignore it. That would work, too.
soulorcell: sounds good to me...  
i give my comment ♣ ♣ ♠ 2 clubs and a spade :P
xp in user info
deathburger: now
Experience: 315816 XP (Next level at 318750 XP)

Experience: 315816 XP - 2934 until next level (318750)

I've got a silly one...
manGina: On the preferences page...have a save button near the top too. So we dont have to change something at the top then scroll all eight pages down to save...
beaglebot: related: Have the user profile at the words of wisdom at the bottom of the user profile. See Bear's or my profile to understand why
Different Page Titles
deathburger: Now: - fresh links daily

Idea: - The unofficial feature request journal

Obviously this would only apply to individual polls, journals, or links.. none of the index type pages. They'd display the original title.

ultrafastx: that I'm level 25, I'd like to request some more levels.  
thank you,  
The Help.
soulorcell: 477490 XP (Next level at 498048 XP)  
if any more levels are added before i get there, i will have no choice but to consider it a personal people think i won't take credit for levels being added just before i reach the top? JUST TRY ME >:P
ultrafastx: what's taking you so long, slow poke?
soulorcell: i've been holding my tongue :P
darkstar: Here's a journal entry with some comments on proposed new levels, through Level 30.
deathburger: Maximum size for an image in comments would probably be useful.
soulorcell: excellent suggestion, db...think they can figure that one out?
deathburger: Not even with instructions. :/
This journal...
darkstar: ..has been added to the Electric Otterella Index of user-created goodness.  
Thanks, beag!