Linkfilterers want to show their pride. Long overdue is a Linkfilter T-Shirt courtesy of Cafe Press. I'd make one now, but theres only one problem, we need a picture. I'm offering up 10,000 XP to the user who submits the best linkfilter T-Shirt design. Here are the rules...

* Images must be at least 800x1000 or 1000x800 (8"x10" or 10"x8" @ 100 DPI)
* Images cannot contain ANY copyrighted material
* Images must be "safe for work"

Submissions will be accepted until March 15th. The final judging will be put up for a week long results-hidden poll, winner takes all. Linkfilter admins reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason. Also, linkfilter admins are eligible to win, but to keep things fair, will not receive the award XP.

Post your submissions to comments in this poll. If you do not have the power to "Post images in comments" then just link it or e-mail it to me and i'll post it.

Good luck! I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

Which would you rather have?
potatono: Would you rather have a free T-Shirt rather than 10,000 XP?
fabulon7: Why not give the winner the option?
I'm a little partial to this design
clu: :)
clu: that looks like a Rorschach Ink Blot Test/i>

I'm telling clu you said that.
clu: Ooops! I did not properly close my i tag.
clu: An official LF slogan would help. I personally like "Don't eat these links, they taste terrible." But I'm willing to substitute it for a different one.
soulorcell: WHOA!!...I really like this one...simple, sharp and righteous! The slogan needs work. Sounds a little dangerous. How about something like "Crack That Web" or "Let's Crack A .Net"...haha

The colors aren't finalized, so if you have any suggestions for colors, please let me know and I'll try 'em out.

This might be my final design update.

You may have noticed the Users Names on the left. I know that I left people out. I ran out of room at this resolution. If this design is chosen, I'll be able to add more names when I rescale this design to 10x8" at 300 DPI.

To make sure your User Name makes it in the final draft, reply to this message. If you want your User Name removed, reply here as well.
soulorcell: wrap it up...I'll take it...
Muirwylde: My vote. Maybe work on the level up aspect/element a little more. I like the shadow and 3dfx in the Net aspect/element of the design. This is a cool color too..print it on an orange shirt or black...or whatever. I think t-shirts with the large image on the back with a small chest 'badge' on the front or the sleeve are coolest, but I know this is a subjective thing.
Morgaine: These are my colors !!! :-) I'd like this combined with the usernames of the other design...
LF T-Shirt Corporate Edition

Click on image for full size.
geek-boy: smells like... the Javits center...
Muirwylde: I actually like this one alot too...pretty sophisticated and refined design ...are those user names to the left? Very cool...I would probably wear this one the most.
What's wrong with this picture?
dirvish: http://linkfilter.net/skin/robot/robot.gif I think it would make a good t-shirt.
Should have used the preview button
dirvish: I didn't realize the img tag isn't allowed. How were the above images inserted? img
soulorcell: Check out the FAQ...you need level 11 to post images.
My First T-Shirt Design

I'm not sure where to go from here. It needs something. Here's the PSD file. Feel free to mess around or use any part of it in one of your own images.

potatono: Okay so the red lights kind of suck, and the font has gotta go. But i think the basic idea could work.
potatono: Maybe the answer is to simplify.

How about this?
innocent: I like this one. It keeps people reading.
fairly simple interactive design
jones: my idea is this...on the front left pocket of the shirt, this image....

then, on the back, this image...

with five/ten/however many user comments...the idea is that all of us would submit comments, and the ten best would be selected for the t-shirt.

jeffro: you know i kind of like this design. good idea.
i7dealer: I like this one the best.
My Blasphemous Entry