Darkstar's 'Evolving Generic Answer Database' (EGAD)
Darkstar's 'Evolving Generic Answer Database' (EGAD)  
While I do like to engage in discourse on LF, I find that sometimes the comment I wish to make derives from one of a few basic tropes. To greatly facilitate the standardization of such responses, thereby improving quality (and saving me time), I hereby present EGAD, my Evolving Generic Answer Database.  
If you have been linked here with a code, please see the corresponding response below for my answer. Thank you.  
1. Werd.  
I agree with the essence of what you say wholeheartedly. Moreover, you have expressed it in such an eloquent, pithy and/or insightful way that I believe my own contribution to your comments are rendered unnecessary. If you realized how much I like to write, and to hear myself talk, you would appreciate this as high praise, indeed. Well done, and thank you for your keen insights and contribution to the discussion.  
2. Nope.  
May I ask you to kindly consider this as my polite foregoing to respond to your specific assertions in this particular comment, due to the fact that I cannot begin to tell you how utterly wrong I think you are. Your comment is based on either an omission of fact, a misunderstanding of its relevance and/or flaw(s) of logic, of such significance that it would require me an inordinate amount of time to begin to tease apart the errors and then try to correct them. I do not hold you in contempt for this. And I do respect your right to your opinion. However, in my humble estimation, your comment does not reach the minimum degree of soundness which would make it a worthwhile investment of my time to rebut it. If you'd like to discuss this, catch me in chatter sometime and I'll be happy to elaborate. Thanks.  
3. Sorry.  
I disagree with you on this comment, but I regret to say that I believe your ideology is preventing you from engaging open-mindedly in rational discourse on this issue (which was most likely one of politics, religion or culture). Therefore, I believe that even if I were to demonstrate, rationally and completely, why I believe you to be in error, your deep-seated values and world-view would prevent you from accepting what I have to say. Indeed, more than likely, you have already heard my rebuttals and have chosen not to accept them for this very reason. It is also likely that this is not the first time you're been in this kind of thread before, yet refused to credit the ample opposing arguments that have already been made to your premises. Therefore, in the interest of sanity (and to avoid continuing to throw my time and c.p. into your logic-grinder), I am politely withdrawing from further discussion on this topic. Chat me up in the chatter if you'd like elaboration on this. Otherwise, Peace.  
4. Plonk.  
I truly hate to be reduced to this, but your pattern of uncivil and/or downright childish commenting forces me to consider you as an obstruction to my continued enjoyment of LinkFilter and unworthy of further attention. I'm not a hypersensitive individual, but I have decided that life is too short to deal with this kind of nonsense when it is unnecessary. Hence, I will no longer participate in this discussion and am forthwith placing you in my killfile. Barring your rehabilitation, that's where you'll stay, at least until such time as I begin to miss your childish antics and revive you for my entertainment.  
5. What?  
I may or may not agree with you on any or all points you made in your comment. However, the significant errors or unorthodoxy of your spelling, grammar, word usage or overall incomprehensibility of your comment makes it difficult for me to interact with you in this discourse. I understand that not everyone is a native English speaker and that many who are do not have an inherent appreciation of standardized orthography or grammatical élan. However, it is difficult to focus on the substance of your comment when one is so distracted by its form. I realize that this is my own weakness and I do not blame you, but I beseech you, if you have any intention of communicating clearly with me, to consider trying to incorporate more generally comprehensible phrasing, more-or-less standard orthography and somewhat consistent punctuation. Thank you.  
6. Touché.  
I concede that you have made an excellent point. While I regret that it may undermine some portion of my original thesis, I will not begrudge you the recognition that your insight is valid. I will reconsider my original thesis in the light of this correction and may alter my original position to reflect your comment if I feel that your point speaks to its essential argument. Regardless of whether a material revamp of my thesis is warranted by your correction, thank you for helping me learn and grow in my understanding by being willing to engage and correct me on this particular point.  
7. Hmm.  
What you have said is very interesting. I am not saying that I agree or disagree, but I will have to give your comments more thought before I can respond to this. I may not respond to you soon, but rest assured I will weigh and consider your points. Thank you for a thought-provoking comment.  
8. Umm.  
Friend, please understand that I mean no disrespect here, but you appear to be suffering. Perhaps it's unresolved rage. Maybe it's a paranoid psychosis. Or possibly post traumatic stress disorder. But you sound like you should really see a counselor or seek some kind of professional help. Seriously. Of course, if you are already aware of this, and seeking help and/or on medication, then I sympathize with the challenges you are facing and wish you the best of success in your treatment.  
9. Ahh...    
I understand, but don't much care. This is probably because whatever you said was either very boring, irrelevant to anything we were actually discussing, or possibly both at once.  
10. :-D  
I am literally laughing out loud at your comment. However, I find the use of "LOL" and "ROFL" to be occasionally trite and unsubstantive in my own personal usage, and the emoticon seems to me to capture the essence of raw, nondiscursive hilarity which I am currently experiencing. Thank you for a good laugh!  
11. Fleeble!  
The tenor of absurdity or downright cheek of your comment, while admirable in its own way, nevertheless makes me wish I hadn't spent so much time putting on pants this morning, as that unfortunate lack of foresight on my part requires me now to expend additional energy to remove them (at least partially) so that I might more effectively wave my genitals at you for your willful effrontery and/or bacon-loving snarkiness. (Note: This term may also be used in omnidirectional, nondiscursive conversation as a discourse marker for agreement, surprise, greeting, reaffirmation of social coherence, acknowledgment of veiled contempt or as a code word for "get the otters and lube".)  
I'll add more standardized responses as these patterns develop.
clu: tsia
FuzzyDave: You sure like words and stuff.
lorddimwit: What about "that dog won't hunt, monsignor?"
Strange. The only time I've had an in-depth discussion with a Monsignor, that phrase never seemed to come up...
Missing one...
deathburger: Ahh...  
I understand, but don't much care. This is probably because whatever you said was either very boring, irrelevant to anything, or possibly both at once.
Excellent, db!  
It's in!
clu: Horseshit!!  
Another one.
UnfathomableJ: You're the man. If only all discussions were as rock-solid to use your vocabulary. Bravo; I will truly use these words in debate and I will credit it to your name!
astranger: [Whoosh!]  
The sound of an aggressively ignorant person dodging questions regarding or authoritative sources in contradiction to their assertions.
bear: werd!
word up.
reapre: Holy Damn, I just now stumbled onto this journal entry! Effing fantastic!  
It's too bad I have to come online to be surrounded by people with competent verbal skills.  
I heart linkfilter.
reapre: I wish more people here were humble enough to concede a "touche" now and then.  
It's not enough to be right all the time. You have to be willing to change your mind in the event that you find you were wrong.
darkstar: ...inspired by FuzzyDave!


FuzzyDave: And yes, that IS a pic of me and Beaglebot frolicking.  
I'm the one in the hat.