Lexicon v.
A long-overdue update of everyone's favorite Lexicon. Submit additions as comments, please.  
jones (source: darkside) -- to accidentally post something to chatter that should have been a private (/p) message; named in honor of linkfilter's own  
faboo (source: stolen by smith) -- all-purpose expression of joy and/or awe, not unlike "cool" or "awesome".  
otter-loving fucktard (source: FuzzyDave) -- Otters may be cute, but remember that otters=bastards (source: beaglebot). This insult was created during the second linkfilter Theme Day (Beaver Day).  
mer (source: beaglebot) -- because cows don't actually go "moo".  
Theme Day (source: beaglebot) -- It began with Couch Day 2003. Theme Days are days in which the majority of links relate to a single topic or word. Creative bending of the rules (i.e. posting a Tim Couch link for Couch Day) are encouraged. Hell, you can break the rules if you want; just watch out for the otters.  
The Couch (source: beaglebot) -- Slang term for a the chatter, particularly when a number of people are around and actively talking.  
zoomorph (source: yoyology)/animorph (Source: agent honeydew)/feramorph (Source: beaglebot) -- The act of assuming the traits/qualities/personality of an animal. Primarily used to describe Beaglebot when he "/me's" his chat-action to make it appear like he's acting like a Beagle.  
Ghettotech (source: i7dealer) -- Trashy, antiquated, and/or seemingly useless technology especially being used to do something interesting.  
FunLeg (source: FuzzyDave) -- A term describing the jerky motion of a dog's rear leg when you pet the Special Spot on its belly. (source: ultrafastx) euphamism for male genitalia.  
The 'no (source: ???) -- Short for Fresno, source of origin for many a linkfilter user and home to linkfilter's old server, mspacman, which was ghettotech.  
__________ is ruining linkfilter (source: yoyology) -- anything that comes up frequently must be ruining linkfilter. This lexicon is ruining linkfilter.  
bobGoat (source: i7dealer) -- the name for any anonymous user in the chatter rather than just calling them 'time-stamp'.  
microsporifora baeaglii (source: FuzzyDave) -- (literally, BeagleSpores) which play havoc with one's splelling  
Legumes (source: FuzzyDave/beaglebot) -- Lesbians  
dirty dirty (source: madtbone/cornpone/hammeroftruth/hollisfeats) -- Altanta, GA. See also: The ATL. Hotlanta.  
pod (source: VampyreDelight) -- As in: "I pod? No, sir, YOU pod!" A verb of unknown definition, but it certainly means a very bad thing, perhaps the worst of all possible things.  
*boop* *boop* (source: stolen from cornpone's post of Andy Milonakis by ultrafastx) -- Just go watch the video.  
THE HEAT (source: matt garrett via FuzzyDave) -- "Matt Drudge is The Heat!" Used as satirical response for silly, brash, logically untenable or otherwise pointless critical remarks. Used particularly in political discussions and generally in response to accusations by the right. Source thread can be viewed here.  
MAYOR OF THE WORLD (source: FuzzyDave) -- Rudy Giuliani. Not to be confused with the only-slightly-less-prestigious Mayor of Linkfilter, FuzzyDave.  
labial companions (source: smith) -- Lesbian nazis. Who apparently have something against the world laughing at them. Excuse me while I go oppress them.
Lexicon update
ultrafastx: New version of the Lexicon can be found here.  
Submit any additional words/phrases in comments, please.
bear: what about sippy cup of shame
The Sippy of SHAME!
beaglebot: *ahem*
Yu mek mi loff
smith: Uh....YOU pod! You've forgotten our labial comrades/companions.
ultrafastx: come again? "You pod" is on there.
smith: agreed, but what about labial comrades? Are we to be oppressed once again?
ultrafastx: quiet! you lesbian nazi!
lorddimwit: If you're going to include THE HEAT, you'd better also put in MAYOR OF THE WORLD.
ultrafastx: Well, MAYOR OF THE WORLD hasn't really been used again.  
THE HEAT, however, is showing up all over the place. Watch out!
lorddimwit: I dunno. I've said "you wouldn't say that if you were MAYOR OF THE WORLD and not just Linkfilter" to FuzzyDave quite a few times.
ultrafastx: Lesbian nazi!
I knew there was a reason ...
shigpit: ... why I keep reading journal entries. This is great. :)
Can't believe you forgot ...
shigpit: PHWOAR loosely defined as "pay attention to me, chatter, because I'm here!"
cornpone: ya beat me to it shiggy. it also serves as a battle cry.  
oh yeah, BOOM!!!  
cornpone: HORSESHIT!!!
deathburger: Mind if I include this in a help project?
ultrafastx: Nope. It needs an update, though, that's for sure.
deathburger: You update, I'll pilfer. (with credit to you, of course ;)
lexicon define
bear: Woodgie - ?
smith: ATTN: ufx  
This needs updating! Thbbbpt.
cornpone: I say you hijack it, update it, and make it your own.