A Post spurred by a recent poll...
Here's what I look like, I'm the guy, the girl is my fiancee. Hope you're not too disappointed : )  
Hey there!
Nice couple!
lorddimwit: I'm not disappointed, if y'know what I mean. Rrrow.  
(And, uh, I mean that in a completely Platonic manner).  
What image hosting service did you use, btw?
lorddimwit: And yeah, that was directed toward your fiancee.  
(I'm gonna go hide under my desk now, until you put down that lead pipe).
cam78aro88: I ended up using photobucket. Thanks for the tip!
soulorcell: great pic host...  
have you seen this...
FuzzyDave: What a cute couple!  
And she's STILL showing off the ring you got her! That is Soooo Precious!  
You're a lucky man.  
I wish you both all the Happiness in the world.
bear: MY EYES!!!