caught playin' with my filter :P
it's not really's bikeburn :P  
Hey soul!
darkstar: It's good to finally see you - I like a smilin' soulorcell!  
Nice comfy chair, too...  
beaglebot: I think I've said this before, but I have very odd tastes in desk chairs. Mine is a plain wood dining room table chair
soulorcell: test...this is under your RE: Hey soul!  
there's 2 " RE: Hey soul!"'s here...I'm putting this second test on your RE: Hey soul! to see where it ends up, 'cause I get lost trying to follow these threads sometimes...  
soulorcell: I don't know how bbot can sit on a wood chair (unless he uses a pillow)...this chair even puts my butt to sleep after a while...I bought this thing at office depot...after I got home and put it together, I noticed it was tilted about 15 degrees!! (damn chinese terrorists!) I shimmed it, but it still leans a bit...I don't mind that too much...what it really needs is somewhere to put my feet...
soulorcell: test...this is under my RE: Hey soul!  
soulorcell: ok, I see how it works now...  
ps- wow, there sure are a lot of comments on this journal now...huh? :P
hollisfeats: Nice to to see you.. with bike burn and a little bit of tanning bed? Hey good looking what's cooking? Oh, your skin.. put on some sun block baby. But hey: there's nothing like that golden there? Keep on frying. ;)
darkstar: HAHAHA!!!  
And we see clu becoming a new meme, right before our eyes!  
Clu. We love him, for he is beautiful...
fabulon7: This just keeps getting better.
soulorcell: fucker clu :D  
how'd you know?