official clu wallpaper +smith +holiday
Love me for I am beautiful...  
The Official clu Wallpaper  
640 x 480  
800 x 600  
The Official smith Wallpaper  
640 x 480  
800 x 600  
The Official Holiday Wallpaper  
640 x 480  
800 x 600  
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ultrafastx: That's an awesome photoshop job on that pic!  
But you're still not half the metrosexual I am. =)
darkstar: I dunno, ultra...with those emerald eyes and electric orange highlights, clu's stylin' big-time.  
Looks like we got some competition...
clu: I was recently told that I look like the cook on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I think that settles that arguement.
darkstar: What, this guy?  
clu: That's right. So you'd better watch yourself or I'll uncork this cabernet of whoop ass over your skull.
darkstar: "Uncork a cabernet of whoop-ass..." :-)  
Your attention please!  
I am hereby officially stealing that phrase for use as my own. No further credit to clu will be given.  
Thank you. That is all.
Very cool wallpaper!
darkstar: And are you my brother???
ultrafastx: I think linkfilter should commission clu to do wallpapers of the high level users. It can be a reward for making it to the top.
darkstar: I ws thinking the same thing!  
I wanna cool personal wallpaper by clu!
FuzzyDave: Yah! me too!
madtbone: great idea! i want one too
hollisfeats: me too!! me too!!!
wow man!
affiliate19: nice style =] if i had hair i would totally make a wallpaper, heh.
jones: that's the best!
Best. Wallpaper. Ever.
shigpit: tsia
My Feeble Attempt to Copy Clu
clu: very cool! definately has that whole 2001 vibe to it.
bear: fuzzydave 2001 a baby oddessy
soulorcell: nice! perfect in even dotted the eye :P
soulorcell: just so's ya look adorable on my desktop :P
glitch p-udding: huh....first thing that entered my head upon seeing that?  
"stanley kubrick's fuzzydave"  
My contribution to the Vanity Fair...
soulorcell: this pic rocks, d*...was the other one you? was you standing in front of your front door? you live in a castle or something? you're freakin' me out! SAY SOMETHING!! are you a vampire!? :P
darkstar: Uhh...rats, I was hoping no one saw that one...  
Yeh, it was me. But i thought this one was more in fitting with the occasion and somewhat less, err, you-know, that "m" word again...
soulorcell: you do look like clu's brother...except for the fangs and that "look" in your eyes :P
hollisfeats: Love it darkstar!  
this journal kicks major booty...
soulorcell: I'm bookmarkin' this one :P
Get the big-ass version here.